I asked a question the other day and got one (1) reponse, the answer was that Yahoo Classic is no longer available, my next question is why! I'm computer illerate and it took me many years to get familiar with Yahoo Classic as a matter of fact when they asked me to upgrade i continued to deny it. My problem now is that someone HACKED into my computer and I lost a lot over 1500 contacts and I'm very disappointed as I'm told that Yahoo Classic is gone, and I believe for good, I just don't understa

    *** WHY, WHY, WHY, can't I have my yahoo classic back, I'm being penalized for someone HACKING into my computer!!!

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    Like everything else, companies make changes. Over the past year I have noticed many users having problems with their yahoo accounts, and have come to the opinion that the best solution is to change to a different provider such as gmail or hotmail (I suggest gmail).  You state you have used yahoo classic for years, so you are probably not as illiterate as you think. You really had 1500 contacts .... maybe its time to trim the list and start over. Good luck. 

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