Has anyone seen " The Hunger Games " ? If so.....what did you think of it ?

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    It's pretty violent,lots of blood,but a great story and well portrayed...'cept if blood makes you ookey!

    I never read any of the books, so I didn't know what to expect.  It was very good though.  Despite what lindilou said, it wasn't that violent and there was very little blood.  It was suspenseful and exciting.  The lead girl, Jennifer Lawrence, was very good.  I didn't really like the futuristic nature of it.  The story, despite it's disturbing premise, was actually an uplifting "good triumphs over evil" tale, so it did have a moral theme.  I'd rate it 7.5 out of 10.     

    It's the RAGE amongst the teens I know....didn't seem to bother any of them (I find that a bit worrisome).

    life is too short to waste it on seeing bad movies


    How can you presume it's a bad movie if you haven't seen it?

    Hey val- I got your comment re You learning English at age 40! I am very impressed! Sorry that my smart-ass comment was offensive to you!!!!!!!

    Don't remember you ever offending me Dr Doo... :) Just out of curiosity could you copy/paste your smarty-pants comment here so I can see it and get offended? :-)

    Hey Val...HAPPY BIRTHDAY....a day late! Hope it was a good one!

    Flip. Thank you!
    You are only one day late (better than never) but you are the only akaQA member that noticed and this is something I will rember... :)
    My family and friends celebrated me extensively ahead oh time and coworkers celebrated me just in time yesterday.

    Val: Coworkers? Is your birth date correct in your profile, and you're still working? GOOD for you!!

    yes and yes :)

    No offence please. Before seeing any movie I read the reviews written by critics I trust. Certain types of movies do not interest me at all - just like this one.T his way I get a better use of my money and TIME - both in limmited supply...

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