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    cada dia aprndes de que aprendes de las desepciones del que esta tu alrededor hoy aprendi a no confiar en el hombre hoy aprendi a refujiarme mas y y mas en ti , en ti que es el que todo lo saves y el unico que me puedes juzgar so lo to tu papito Dios lo que piense el hombre no me importa hoy soy quien soy por ti,,,,,,,LikeUnlike · · 31 minutes ago · 2 people like this.

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    Sandra Maria Herrera asi mismo dile al problema lo grande que es tu DIOS bendiciones .un fuerte abrazoSee Translation

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    every day aprndes that you learn from the desepciones of which this your around today I learned not to trust the man today I learned to refujiarme more and and more in you, in you which is the all the saves and the only thing that I can judge so as to your Daddy Dios what think man I don't care today I am who I am for youLikeUnlike · · 31 minutes ago · 2 people like this.

    Baby Borque you if aprendite. LOL! 26 minutes ago · LikeUnlike

    Sandra Maria Herrera likewise tell the problem how big is your God blessings .a strong abrazoSee Translation

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