what does it mean when your dog is thirsty all the time

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    Does he have accidents in the house? Is he overweight? He could have Diabetes a urinary tract infection or Kidney problems. He needs to see a Vet.
    Are you leaving and giving him fresh water out all the time? If so and he is still staying thirsty all the time then you should take him to the vet as he could be diabetic?
    he/ she could have diabetes
    It's a good thing to ask there are a lot of people here who know quite a bit about animals, but you probably should take you dogie to the vet..

    Rat poisoning will dehydrate an animal, dogs have been know to eat it or put their noses where they don't belong. I'm not trying to scare you, but who knows except a vet? Take you dog to a vet asap...

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