a tom cat and my cat hooked up. when she started screaming, he stopped . was that long enough for her to become pregnant?

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    Get your cat spayed! It's irresponsible not to.

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    I don't know cat lovin'  There's nothing I can find on the duation of the 'hookup'.. You'll know soon enough.. read on.


    How to tell your cat is pregnant?

    Unless you’re breeding your cat chances are you won’t know your cat is pregnant until she is well along in the gestation period. The mother doesn’t begin to bulge noticeably until a couple of weeks before delivery time. Here are a few signs and symptoms you may see if your cat is pregnant:

    Nipples will begin to enlarge and become more soft and pink (this is the #1 sign)Weight gain, especially around the mid-sectionIncrease in appetite, this usually occurs close to birthSome cats may become more affectionate than usualCats may also exhibit morning sicknessNesting activity begins

    Length of Pregnancy and Number of Kittens

    How long does pregnancy last and how many kittens will by cat have are two of the most common questions cat owners have. The regular gestation period for cats is between 58 and 65 days, or approximately 9 weeks. A queen (pregnant cat) may have anywhere from 1 to 8 kittens at a time. The average being 2 to 5 kittens. Your veterinarian may be able to estimate the number of kittens felt on palpation of the abdomen during examination. Your vet may also perform and ultrasound to verify the pregnancy and count the number of kittens.

    Yes, it was long enough, b/c I looked out one day and saw my stray cat making it with a local male cat who she didn't even like. She was screaming in pain, b/c the male cat's " instrument "  has a hook on it , so the female can't pull away. I'm glad I got my female cats fixed, so they don't have to go thru that. Anyway, that female cat then had kittens 3 months later, on my back porch. I found a home for her and all 4 kittens.


    I din't know about the male cat's equipment. I had all my cat's fixed asap. I am so glad now.

    Most likely Yes she is

    Yes. That why it is very important to get your cat  neutered.

    Ask the cat.

    So, tom turned out to be a gentle-line!

    Cool. Where do you live?  I know someone who is looking for a kitten....She'd wait until August/Sept.  

    Make sure your cat has all shots- strays often carry diseases.


    Be prepared to keep the kittens for about 9-12 weeks after birth.

    I've no idea why you wouldn't have your puss neutered , but look forward to the pitter patter of little paws

    Almost certainly ,yes.I would suggest that after shes had her kittens you have her spayed

    YEAH..Just look at all the abandoned animal`s heartbreaking...and they are all so gorgeous and need homes..happy ones!!


    I can't look, breaks my heart and I want to take them all in

    yes it is.. Depends though on if she was in breeding esason at the time.

    Yes..ME TOO!!:-0....I think people should look,if they can,they are all gorgeous and crying out for homes!...from kittens to senior cats....Honestly I love ALL our cats..but it sounds MAD..but the rescue cats almost seem to know they`ve been given a better chance..and its like I look at them and feel good that we`ve taken them in to give them a better life...SEEING THEM LOVING,HEALTHY AND HAPPY IS PRICELESS!!!!:-))

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