I have a simplex pump control system for the septic tank. It has been showing that it has been running for at least 2 hours and the red light showing high water level , how do I rectify or reset the system

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    turn off the main power ,let the water run out then it will go back the sea level....

    Try this site for help with that>>>


    Well thank you Lindilou! This question has made me just now realize how many different jobs I've had over the years.

    How long has it been since you've had the septic tank itself pumped out? There is no easy answer to this one, as it can be a number of different things. 1. You might be having a problem with your leach field. 2. Your septic tank might need pumping. 3. You might have an obstruction at the intake port of the pump. 4. You might have an obstruction in the line between the pump and the septic tank. 5. There might be an issue with your pump: If it is not the motor, there could be an issue with the impeller.

    You are going to have to visually verify what is going on at the holding tank where the pump is located. The pump is controlled by a mercury switch in a bulb that rises to a certain point and then turns the pump on. You need to see what is going on at the holding tank.

    I don't personally know your mechanical abilities, or your personal willingness to work in an environment of raw sewage, but unless you have a personal knowledge of the installation of this system, Stop putting anymore water into the system and call a professional who is familiar with systems that utilize pumps and holding tanks.

    These systems are common for places where the septic tank and leach field are at a level higher than the residence and holding tank. By visually establishing the water levels in the holding tank and also the septic tank, you will be able to either pinpoint or eliminate them as the cause of the problem. If the tanks aren't the cause, you focus on the pump, which can usually be hoisted out of the holding tank by a chain. If the pump will run when you lift on the usually red or black colored bulb, you will need to set it in a bucket of water to see if it is actually pumping. You will either need to clean out the intake or replace the pump (usually $300-$500).

    If your pump isn't emptying your holding tank, SHUT IT OFF! No sense risking ruining a possibly good pump that might be just clogged.

    Hope this helps. It really sucks when this stuff happens, as it's not always cheap to fix. I use to set up those exact type of pumps and tanks years ago at a place that made the tanks, and then years later I use to pump them out and occasionally replace pumps. Best of luck. If I can be of any further help, just comment on my answer, and I'll try to get back to you.


    You one straight Shootah SHOOTAH!!!!Best answer!

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