how much is a gallon of petrol in america,in pounds and pence,???

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    $3:70 is about £2:20 per gallon!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think we need to emigrate.

    wow thats quite cheap Ramos,

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    America use Dollars, not Pounds.


    i know dollybird,i mean how much is 0ne pound 40 pence in dollars,??per liter??

    hector5559, Im not American, or live there, so I cant help you, sorry.

    One British Pound is $1.98 USD. Note: It WAS $2.10 back in November, but has improved since then

    About  $3.70 average in the USA...Thanks to the Obama admin. as well as those greedy wall street investors..


    Don't blame Obama for the gas prices. Blame the oil companies and the world trade market or as you call it the "wall street investors.: I am tired of the lies the conservative put on President Obama and blame him for the mess they got us into. I don't appreciate it as an American, not as a liberal or moderate....I hope that answers your statement. It wasn't a mean statement. It's meant to be more truthful.

    daren, to clarify, the thumbs down was for the Obama statement not the wall street crooks who are after all the money they can get.

    Station down the street from  where I sit now is $4.99.9 for regular.  Where i buy its $4.39.9 .  Of course i am speaking US gallon and US dollar


    outrageous , makes you wonder where will be at come year..

    We are expecting 6.00 by mid summer, then a drop as election time nears.. This whole thing is a media/stockholders massive plan to get Obama reelected, you write this down, I have said it before, by election time, you will see gasoline drop by 60+ percent. This ploy will get Obama re-elected. As soon as gas prices drop, the credit will go 100% to Obama.. The media will see to it.

    is a us gallon different from a english gallon ,{ie 8 pints}


    Have you tried a different e-mail provider? We still can not get to you using the e-mail address you have on your profile page.

    Ile try again,Colleen,

    2.2462 converts to $1.00 U.S. as of April 2, 2012


    2.2462 GPB

    One U.S. gallon is now approximately $4.25.  This converts to GBP 2.649.  American gallon is different from British gallon.  Don't remember the difference but U.S. is 3.78 liters.


    So tell me did you trade you surf board in for the wall street journal or are you just good at google? We can agree to disagree but why so nasty with the TDs..

    sorry darren i must have made a mistake,ill find how to things right,??

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