what does grass spiders eat???

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    Facts and Information about the Grass Spider
    Did you know the following facts about the arachnid commonly known as the Grass Spider? Description and key features for spider Identification. The easy way to identify spiders!

    Common Name and Latin Name
    The Common Name and Latin Name are as follows:
    Common Name (s): Grass spider
    Latin Name: Agelenopsis

    Grass Spider identification - what does it look like?
    They range in colours from yellow, grey and brown, with distinctive bands around their legs with two dark bands running down either side of the cephalothorax, they have eight eyes arranged into three rows, top row with two, middle with four and the bottom row with two, they also have prominent and scary looking spinnerets

    What do Grass Spiders eat? What is its prey?
    Grass spiders wait for their prey to stumble upon their funnel shaped structured web, these consist of small insects

    Is the Grass Spider poisonous?
    All types (except Uloboridae) are poisonous! However if a person is bitten, they will experience local swelling, redness and itching

    How big is the Grass Spider?
    The size of the Grass Spider ranges between 15 millimetres and the biggest at 20 millimetres

    Where does the Grass Spider live, what is its habitat?
    This spider can be found building its funnel web in grass or in crevices of buildings, fences or low lying foliage

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