Had enough folks, akaQA has lost the plot regards what is allowed.

    Are we a mileage finding, homework doing, bus timetable, language translator,advice to lovelorn teens and younger, weather station or are we a question and answer site.

    I have no idea so off I go into cyber space with so many others that have tired of the inane questions? on here.

    Will drop in from time to time to say hello to those with more perseverance than me.

    For now it is Hooroo from him and hooroo from me may you lead happy lives.

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    Keep in touch coz.
    BTW, I totally agree with you.

    PL. I totally agree with you too. Please keep in touch. You certainly made this site more interesting.Will miss you.

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    I answer the questions that interest me and leave the rest as drifting fodder. I have no interest in street light timing or bus stops. That’s just "crowd noise" and answering I can ignore. The interesting questions will still draw a crowd. I would like a list option based on popularity…a "hot topic list" to help me find my way through the storm of Q & As. 

    Hi Peoplefinder. I only just joined but I can totally understand your concerns.

    I don't think the site is being treated with due respect but more of a chat site.


    I don`t mind the chat site so much as "Can you find my pencil" What bus do I catch to go from A to B" "What is the distance from Moscow to the Marble Arch?" "Do my feet stink" adinfinitum.

    "Do my feet stink?"  That is hilarious!! (They don't by the way.)


    It has been becoming  a mapquest ,silly question site for a while now,  I just looked at about 15 questions asked and all of the were from  users with no karma history I mean no history at all  maybe they should be screened before allowing  questions to go public  or just continue on a downward spiral  as is happening now

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