Had enough folks, akaQA has lost the plot regards what is allowed.

    Are we a mileage finding, homework doing, bus timetable, language translator,advice to lovelorn teens and younger, weather station or are we a question and answer site.

    I have no idea so off I go into cyber space with so many others that have tired of the inane questions? on here.

    Will drop in from time to time to say hello to those with more perseverance than me.

    For now it is Hooroo from him and hooroo from me may you lead happy lives.

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    "Happy trails to you, until we meet again." Some trails are happy ones, Others are blue." It's the way you ride the trail that counts, Here's a happy one for you."

    country bumpkin

    Quote is from Dale Evans.

    had problems try again

    No problem for me...guess it's you who has to try again. :(

    Arts & Humanities
    Beauty & Style
    Business & Finance
    Cars & Transportation
    Computers & Internet
    Consumer Electronics
    Dining Out
    Education & Reference
    Entertainment & Music
    Family & Relationships
    Food & Drink
    Games & Recreation
    Home & Garden
    Local Businesses
    News & Events
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    Science & Mathematics
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    Society & Culture

    These are the categories allowed here.  Yes, direction questions are allowed.  Yes, homework help is allowed if anyone wants to answer. Relationship questions are allowed. 

    Like I've said before, akaQA is a question and answer help site. It was allowed to evolve into a social environment too.  The trouble is, most want to just socialize and not answer questions. Those forget what the site was originally meant to be.  What you call rubbish is what keeps this forum going and keeps traffic coming. The moderators get rid of the true rubbish, like that person who went after you. 

    Forums like this will always go through their down times with people coming and going. Members come and members go, life has a way of pulling people back to reality.  If you find no more enjoyment here, then perhaps it is time to pull back and find other interests.  Take care of yourself PL. Visit when you can. akaQA will always be here as new people join and answer the questions that others have burnt out on. 

    We all have options here on akaQA.  I spend as much or as little time here, as I choose....I answer as many or as few questions, as I choose.  If I feel like answering "mindless" questions for a while, then I do, if not, then I don't.  We can also come and go, as we choose.

    Good luck ans GOD bless PL as you go about your journey in life .....Daren


    Daren mate it was better when we could argue about religion.
    Thank you for your God bless as I know you mean it and if you are correct and I am wrong maybe just maybe you blessing may help.
    I am going through a deep personal time at the moment and the enjoyment that I previously got from akaQA no longer exists.
    May your God bless you.

    I.m feeling the same way, not so much as the religious debates which i think we all actually like to argue ti a point, but indeed lately I'm feeling like a monkey at the keyboard with and endless sea of cyber crap. Seems like the intellectual, thought provoking "questions" are drifting towards non existence..None the less see you around the campus..

    Religious discussions are still allowed as they always have been. People just can not use the forum as a pulpit and preach to others. We've just recently had about 4 different religious discussions. I'm assuming you missed them?

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