How many vote-ups do you get every day?

    I worked on my vote-ups yesterday and had  4700. This morning I have 5406. The sunday before yesterday, I had 3800 voteups left and the next morning it went up to 5175 again. Please explain what  is going on.

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    Every 24 hours, the vote ups allowed are reset to the most you can give in a day. As your own karma goes up, so too does the amount of thumbs up you can give in a day. 

    The point is, you do not have to give away all the thumbs up you are allowed to give. This is not really the point of having so many TU's to give. I have 10, 549 thumbs up to give out. I might give out 20 in a day or more. I give TU's to correct and valid answers only. This is the point of giving karma. It's not given just because they asked or answered a question.  ;) 


    I understand what you are saying. But there is still an unconsistence. The weekend before last,from sunday to monday 1300 TUs were added. Last sunday to monday, about 600 TUs were added, about 700 less than the weekend before. I just like to know how many are added every day if you have over 200.000 Karma points.

    I guess I'm not following you. Thing is, you have more than you can ever use. I wouldn't worry about it. ;)

    I set myself goals to use up karma points on those deserving.......(Thank you for your vote up's @Ann.....)


    I will ignore the Vote-Ups from now on and just do the best I can. Seems I am not the only one with many Vote-ups left.

    Rather strange Ann your votes should increase with your karma, Perhaps one of the moderators could answer this better..


    I cant seem to catch up, no matter how hard I try. There is something not right.

    Hmmm, never counted.


    I am on here every day and the voteups keep going up.
    ed shank

    That's what keeps most coming back. Not the karma but the number of responses.

    me either ed

    They are faster than you are :)

    The number of daily votes you can give is limited and grows as you gain more Karma points.


    Sure are. I would have to be on here 24 hours a day day to catch up,There are not even that many questions left to vote up.

    Perhaps someday Colleen will make a Karma store where you can trade in some of your vote ups for Karma. (Just kidding of course)

    Beats me,i simply give tu to questions and answers i like or think they are deserving,next thing i know a sign comes up and tells me i am out of tu's,go figure..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    country bumpkin

    Hold your mouse arrow over your avatar at the top right of the screen. A box will pop up showing the number of questions you have asked and answered, karma points, and how many vote ups you have left to give away. I believe everyone receives 75 daily.
    terryfossil 1

    Thanks CB..:):):)

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