How much prison time is Sandusky likely to receive?

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    Is he the person who we have seen on the News who molested children for years, if so he should be hung from the nearest tree and have his bits chopped off.

    on the news, they said he could be facing being in prison for the rest of his life. He deserves that. He hasn't had his sentencing yet.

    Whatever the sentence, he will never get out of prison and rightfully so.

    Beyond the appeals process, Sandusky could face more charges, perhaps tied to claims made by his adopted son or related to alleged sexual abuse that took place outside Centre County -- including in hotel rooms in Texas and Florida, where some accusers say they accompanied him to Penn State bowl games.



    Regardless of what time he receives, he'll never get out alive. Child molesters don't spend much healthy time in prison...........

    He will most likely never get out of prison...and he shouldn't. They should also go after the people who tried to sweep it under the rug also...because their actions allowed it to go on beyond when it otherwise could have been stopped. They especially had a clear responsibility to protect those kids on University grounds, aside from an inherent moral responsibility to do so.

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