in 1976 there was a biker group was there name nighthawk or blackhawks ?? dallas ft.worth area i think

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    are they still around? looking to say hi to an old member

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    Established, Hamilton, Canada

    Our club was founded in 1938 by an avid group of motorcycle enthusiasts. The Black Hawks Motorcycle Club soon became a familiar sight on the streets of Hamilton and surrounding highways. The City of Hamilton often asked the Black Hawks to assist them to escort events such as the Santa Clause parade, the around the Bay road race and other functions involving the use of motorcycles as outriders and traffic control.

    The club became well known for our charitable nature with such events as Toy runs, Food drives and the famous “Blood Run”, the first of its kind that also un-nerved the community until they learned that it was our Club Members donating blood to the Red Cross.

    In 1939 and 1940 our members were actively sought out by Military recruiters for their expertise on motorcycles to be used as couriers and dispatch riders during the Second World War. Several returned to the club after the war ended.

    The original clubhouse, still standing and privately owned, is located just outside Dundas, Ontario. It was a favourite gathering place for many motorcycle enthusiasts of the day. Touring the countryside, field days, competitions, charity events and even a highly skilled precision squad, complete with uniforms, were the order of the day.

    As we are one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in North America, our mission is to maintain a strong historical flavour with our club presence. We still have a handful of members who have been riding as far back as 1957 – 58 and still ride today. Many of our members are often stopped by the public and told their parents or grandparents were members of years gone by. The club of old, befriended many other clubs and still maintains strong ties to these organizations.

    Our emphasis on member loyalty, camaraderie and trust, is what sets us apart from our contemporaries. This, coupled with our strong sense of tradition and history in motorcycling, allows us to enjoy our chosen sport to the fullest.

    With the strong resurgence in the sport of motorcycling in recent years, we feel it is our responsibility to pass on the experience and knowledge that has been accumulated by our older members through the years. This guidance will provide the newer members with a safe, organized and exciting riding experience, allowing them to enjoy to the fullest, the greatest sport of them all – Motorcycling.

    I am not a member of this club, I just copied and pasted their history for you. And so did I.  The Nighthawks appear to have originated in South Carolina.


    Hi Bob I tried to no avail to find any history on this...good job..

    we try. can't say we don't try. well, you can, but you'd be wrong.

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