What do you do to take care of your body?

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    I feed it, wash it, walk it and its still coming apart.


    Wear tight clothes and that will keep everything together. lol

    You are too funny!

    I eat well at least once a year.

    I don't drink to excess at least once a month.

    I go to the gym twice a day in my dreams.

    I imagine my health is perfect (Doc does not agree)

    I smoke where I am allowed (my own home really)

    Is this taking care of myself or just being ME?


    I am sure with all that good care you look a million dollors. LOL

    you truly are a kindred spirit kotf

    LOL- To Bonny ScoTland and KOTF!

    I will ask about tramadol. At this point I would eat mulch if it would make me feel better...I need to get back to work- and fun activities!!! Thanks for the in-put!!!

    I try to eat as I should (as a diabetic) and exercise by walking to the store (1/4 mile) twice a day for beer and smokes.............


    My kind of person except skip beer.

    Good for you walking,...always keep walking. Don't be one of those that have to ride a motorized wheelchair in the stores. Walking is best for your health and independence!!Special kudos for eating right with diabetes, is vitally important!!

    I switch to menthols when I get a cough.

    I only have 3 cups of coffee in the morning.(I would really like 5.)

    I walk every day.(Somebody has to get the mail from the mailbox.)


    As you can see in my pic I take real good care of my body and looks. I use my cross trainer every day. Its called my wife. She is my trainer and she is very Cross. lol


    It's the naps. Women get cross when you nap instead of attend to the honey-do list- LOL!

    I don't smoke, I have only an occasional glass of wine, I exercise (usually 3 times/week), I limit junk food, I try to maintain a positive attitude, I have varied interests all takes work!  Why do I do it?  I see too many sick, overweight people who are unable to participate in the life that they have been granted, due solely, to their own neglect, so since I don't like the idea of THAT, I try!         :)


    Ducky- I have made a pact with a doctor about trying to quit again- I see him next week. Thanks for caring!!

    Ducky good on you.I take a glass of red wine on Sunday wit dinner .They say its good for the "heart. I agree with you on people who cant stop eating.all the best.

    AWESOME Ducky!! You are an inspiration! God bless you in your efforts and for encouraging us. I hope and pray to be so positive and energized in the future! Yes, it is work,.....but LIFE is work,..and where are you willing to put your energy?? Upon yourself, especially as you get older. Then you can be happy and healthy in life AND be an example to younger people of how a good life lived is worth it!! Thank you.

    Thank you for your kind words Howso, but don't get me wrong...I've made mistakes and done my best to correct them, all along the way (former smoker for one thing) and I'm sure that I'll make mistakes forever, but like I said, I try. I just didn't pay much attention to "healthy things" when I was younger but learned that it's never too late to start "fixing me"! :)

    I give it the attention it deserves, we'll just leave it at that..

    Absolutely nothing. Everything I do is a potential killer, diet, drink, hobby.

    not enough, in fact can't think of anything, I do feed it now and then

    05:30 treadmill 5 days a week.

    Don't drink  soda pop. Try to steer clear of sugar, which I do fairly successfully.   Always have a generous portion of a vegetable or fruit with every meal.  Have a little protein with each meal, and I mean a little (2-6 ozs.),   to balance blood sugar and for sustaining energy.   Eggs, peanut butter,  chicken, seafood, mainly,   for the protein.   Downfall:  I LOVE real butter, and I use it regularly.   Even with heart disease in my family on both sides.   :-(  Exercise by power-walking, best for me in so many ways,  but am not consitent at the moment!)  Feelin' the need.............



    Honest effort counts....a lot!

    They are reviewing butter- some studies are now saying it's better than having all of the c__p that's in margarines...let's see what happens.

    Thanks a lot, Ducky!! Doolittle, yes I know what you are talking about. Of the two, margarine or butter, butter is better for you. Margarine, and something to do with the fact of how it's made, heated I believe in the processing, aggravates "inflamation" in the body, which is the precusor to hardened arteries, heart disease, arthritis and other diseases. So, I do take a bit of selfish solace in that, yet even so butter still is not a good food choice! But, goodness, I love it!!!

    For me at this stage of my life the question is "why don't you take care of your body?" The answere is, what's the point? 


    The point is you might stretch another few days out of it. The temple
    Chaplin Don

    I hear what you are saying. I guess I'm revolting against old age, it's bound to get worse. The old grey temple an't what it used to be. :}

    Chaplin Don, I, too, have had similar thoughts of late, but I realize that if I don't do things positive for my health, even though or because I'm not so young anymore, it only exacerbates health issues, and quickly, what is inevitable!! Do it to at least maintain, and you will surprise yourself at how youthful and good you feel in response. The hardest part is getting started, but IT IS worth it!!

    I Treat my  body like a temple,only the very best,may enter my inner santum,


    sanctum... inner sanctum.

    I could do a lot LESS.  I could do a lot more, though.

    Doo tries not to eat animals...but she will eat eggs...milk..etc.  Occasionally I will eat meat (I include all animals in this-from cows to chickens to fish).  Eating is difficult as I no longer have an appetite- I actually have to force myself sometimes (weird for me)  I am trying to drink more water and gatorade. Despite the pain I try to walk a few miles 2-3x a week-OOch!  And The cat and I walk together daily- though we stop more than we walk-LOL.  Doo got very bloated and heavy when on certain medicines- now that they are gone I have lost 40lbs.

    On the flip side, Doo loves sweets!  Especially chocolate!!! And Doo doesn't have a lot of self control.  I will have a drink or 2 to ease the pain at night... waiting to see a pain DOC.  Coffee and sodas are my friend...and though I have honestly tried about 5 times I still smoke.


    Please keep trying to quit.

    Doo should try Tramadol, addictive but effective.

    doo do keep trying to quit!!! The change in your pain,energy, and mood will astound you. After withdrawls that is. lol You can doo it!

    Thanks to Ducky, Ro, and Padovenick!

    DOO. Some bad habits like smoking helps to calm you. my sister-in-law is on medicines she smokes to calm .I wish you well my dear friend .Hope the Doctor really helps.

    Doo,I understand trying to stop smoking too it's very hard. Feel bad that your in pain but sounds like doing all the right things.

    Thanks dowsa and gloria

    I eat  what the body requires long walks don't drink. Don`t  smoke Don`t go out with different "Woman.Could cause "Fatal Heart attack . "IF my "wife found out it would be "FATAL!! for me.No worries there .I am a stand by your Woman "Man. 


    Thanks Dowsa. And you are right both medicines and pain cause anxiety to rise and smoking does calm it down...I've had three doctors tell me that they've never had a pian patient that has been able to quit. Perhaps I'll be the first.

    I try not to drop my head more than a couple times a day............


    Does it bounce??? Do you shoot hoops with it???

    By the look of your head I think it has been dropped a few times. From a roof. LOL LOL LOL
    Headless Man


    I guess as long as you don't "Drop Kick" it over the fence you can always retrieve it.

    I treat it like a cherished pet that responds to my commands and occasionally I’ll reward it with a chocolate cookie. It seldom misbehaves and it tries to interact happily. It knows its place and is obedient and loyal. I’ll keep it well tended to as long as it lives and when it eventually dies I will remember it fondly and all those who enjoyed its association also. I am not a body so I have no reason to think of this in any other way….It’s a very nice pet.  

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