When was the last time you took the opportunity to "pay it forward"? 

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    A friend of mine borrowed a substantial amount of money from me a few years ago, I knew he would never really have the means to repay me.

    I suggested he might do some work for a retirement home that I have some connections with, he still goes there 3 or 4 times a week, I reckon he's more than paid the debt.

    Does that qualify?


    Yup. You payed it forward to him and now he's paying it forward at the nursing home!!! Double Whammy!

    Highly! What a good feeling for both of you, not to mention those who benefit from his time there.

    I do some charity work and raise money for those less fortunate (when time permits) but it gives me so much satisfaction I think it is they that are "paying" me

    I believe in paying it forward, it makes for good karma...........

    Must be a new expression. I loaned a very good friend a substandial amount of money. Things happened and she was unable to pay it back. This happened 20 yrs ago. She is of very poor health and I would never think of even mentioning this to her. I dont think that is paying forward, but there is nothing else I can think of.

    I've never heard that expression.


    "Pay it forward" is a new expression representing the things done for free to help another. Rather than pay it back, you pay it forward...Good Karma

    I haven't either

    They made a movie about it a few years ago.

    Instead of expecting you to repay a debt of service or finance, I'd say, "Don't bother to pay me back. Just pay it forward", meaning to do something nice for someone else, expecting nothing in repayment.
    ed shank

    Interesting, my brother-in-law could feed the state of NJ with the monies he grubbed from me through the years.

    I had a problem with RX drugs had a good friend helped me get into rehab which saved my life (thanks Marianne) Then 4yrs later another person stepped up and asked me for help and so I helped her . As other have said GOOD KARMA...its so true, my life has been truley blessed.

    Sometimes I get a 'big' opportunity to pay it forward.  I try to pay it everyday by smiling at someone, making someone laugh, and although I cant help too much physically stopping to see if someone elderly (or in worse shape than me) needs help.

    I know that there are days when I'm down or in pain & I get a smile, get to laugh at a joke, or get offered help- It tuns my day around and I feel better.

    When I closed my bakery, instead of selling everything I donated it all to the local theater group, a soup kitchen and the Methodist church.

    Every day.For reasons that I don't want to mention here.But it is good to help others.

    ed shank

    What goes around, comes around. Eventually.

    From time to time I do. Last time was probably a couple weeks ago. I fixed a friend's furnace, and then when I found out he spent his gas money for his car on furnace parts, I gave him twenty bucks. He doesn't have a lot, but he is a good person who I've known for some years now. So, it isn't really a hard thing to find myself doing.

    He had inherited this house, and it is a fixer-upper, so before that I went through it fixing light fixtures. He doesn't realize it, but a lot of times I've paid for parts out of my own pocket, and just told him I had the stuff kicking around the house. I use to do a lot of home repair and, as far as he knows, he thinks I probably did.

    He can't help the financial situation he is in, and I know it'll never change. So I don't find it hard helping someone in that predicament. I can't put my finger on it as to exactly why, but I've always felt as though it was a duty to be that way. I suppose in the end it leaves you knowing who you are and what you are about...that no one else will ever fully realize.


    Can you give any details?
    ed shank

    Spoken like a true "Menche".

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