is they sutch things as god

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    It is a source of much debate.  Personally, I believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I trust the Words of the Bible.  

    I agree with both Bob & bowlesy, it is a source of much debate, which I personally doubt.

    Indeed their is "such things as god" like a car , a video game, even a tv show would all be considered gods , but yes their is only one true GOD...

    What do YOU think ?


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    That is for you to decide, not some bigoted religious person or minister.

    i agree with bob/pkb ,it is a source of much debate.i unlike bob dont believe in god.there is no definative answer as neither can be proven.its all down to what you believe..


    , there is something that created the Universe. As far as I know, the Universe was there before a human brain could have created it. There was a pre-Human brain of an exceptional capacity that created the Universe and us. We howeverare gifted by a brainN GREATER THAN ALL THE OITHER LIVING BEINGS POSESS, SO WE THINK WE ARE ALMOST AS GOOD AS gOD (OR HOW YOU WISH TO CALL THAT BEING. The forefathers had the same question and used, criptic stories to show the diffewrence in the human power and knowledge and the power and knowledge of the Almighty one. Adam and Eve were  not like the first created Humans. They lived in a restricted, safe garde, The garden of Eden. They did not the order, to fill the whole world and rule their territoriues obove allm the other living beings. No the had to care and live only in the Paradise. Over  children was no more spoken. That is why they could safely walk around naked.

    To test them God planted the magic trees, one of the knoeledge and one symbolising "life".

    The fruits of these trees were forbidden to humans. even to Adam and Eve. What would happen if these trees beared fruits? An Appel tree gives Apples, A pear tree gives pears....The treeof th ultime knowledge, even of good and bad< what fruit would this tree give ???

    Well Eva took the forbidden fruit and gave it to Adam to eat. At the same moment they could see almost as God and posessed a part of His knowledge. The could now be the boss of all other beiings and rulke them...They would continue to eat from the magic trees and became as intelligent and wise as God himself..... A better symbolic story, I never have rewad in all my life. It convinced me, that we can grow more intelligent and wiser, step by step, due to the theft of God's own knowledge. But we are temporary visitors on this planet. We descovered the DNA molecule and are impressed by all the functions of the elements thereoff, and the task all the elements have todo, what we do not know why and how. We only know that the construction works. If you change a typical cell for another, the DNA is partly defect. What infinite brain must have constructed it and hes planned it.....and that is only one simpel construction functioning in every living creature, from a bacteria of o,oo1 mm to a whale of 30 meters..... No Human has taken part in the design and production of them......And this is just an example. These facts convinced me of the existence of an intelligent existence,much mightier and powerfull than tre tine weak creatures from meat and bones AND DEPENDENT OF CLEAN AIR, WATER AND MEAT (FROM ANIMALS OR PLANTS)  and so condemned for a retricted periodof life,  to this planet. We try, but as soon as an interspace adventure starts, our worlds economy draws the borderlines.The costs of interplanatair traffic cannot on a big scale be executed; trips only for the very rich at $5.000.000 per ticket for a week only....That wh y am convinced of theIntelligent, wise being, that organised and built this Universe,is a step to high for us to compete with. And i Call it the Almighty, God, other's Brahma, Alla of "The Great Spirit" Butr in our deep inner we all mean the same entity..

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