My Cardiologist Prescribed Niaspam to raise my HDL but I could not tolerate the flushing. I instead took 500mg Over the Counter No flush Niacin. My cardiologist says this could ause liver toxicity. The only thing I find online about this is a warning on Niaspam is that switching from an immeadiate release Niacin (like the OTC one I took) to a time releas on like Niaspam can cause this toxicity. An online Dr. said My Doctor is wrong on this. My Alkaline, phosohatase, AST/SGot and ALt/SGPT are all

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    This is a question that should be took up with your doctor.Switching and swapping medication is not a good idea, let your treating doctor decide what is best for you.

    Consult your doctor about what you have learned & ask where your doctor got his/her information.  OTC medicine can be tricky-especially things like vitamins and suppliments.  Sometimes there are not quality tests done with humans involving them.  Reading literature from your doctor may be helpful.  If you do not want to go back on Niaspam suggest to your doctor to repeat the HDL test first. Then you will both know if the OTC is doing enough.

    Did this answer your question. No I won't waste my time asking another one

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