how can we stop war???

    pelpo are dad eraday

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    What war do you want to stop and why? Many people die every day for many other reasons than war...

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    by not having men on the earth anymore. Winston Churchill said, " Men like war; otherwise they would have stopped it a long time ago." 

      Unfortunately, the men who plan it and carry it out, are not the young men who have go do their bidding and go out and get killed, or maimed on the battle field.

    Get rid of all leaders who want to fight by putting them in a stadium together. Give some machine guns and others knives and let them fight instead of sending soldiers to their deaths.

    ed shank

    Can you see Obama and the fat kid in Korea having a throwdown?

    I doubt if we can. Governments are responsible for all wars.



    Why not? It would be more entertaining than war.

    They should do like David and Goliath did two fight representing the country........

    Ask the French, WBMS

    They know how to avoid war, they have learned to surrender after a token battle or two.




    Are you sure you are not talking about Italians?

    What war do you want to stop and why?


    Afghanistan is one and then there are looming wars.

    Is there any American war starting with the Independence war that was a "valide/good/right war"?

    Can we not come together to a mutual understand of the world needs in every domain of our difference in believes of religions  and in cultures around our world ,If somehow we can come together and understand our difference. there might be a light at the end of the tunnel, No one said it going to be easy ??/ Anyhow if all thing are possible then there is always hope!


    That is never gonna happen. Men have very large egos. They all want to lord it over everyone. They live for power, sex and money.

    By the way I'm not a man hater...
    ed shank

    Eggy, your right. In my opinion the only way to prevent wars today is to have the bigger GUN. As much as we hate killing one another, I see no other deterrent to thwart off an attack. The Japanese have made it clear that they will take down Korea's missle which they plan to test shortly. This is a MAJOR problem for the US.

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