where is located the fuel pump relay chevy s10 1994

    when i was driving the truck i hit a pot hole and my truck is shut off 

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    i think by the master cylinder unit on the inner fender well. it should have a gray or gray with white tracer on rhe 12 volt wire circuit. if it is not there it will be better to go right to the fuel tank ,locate the  4 wire connector and test it with a test light when you turn the key on for 2 seconds the test light will come on . this will tell you that the engine control module is turning the fuel pump relay on by priming the fuel system. if that happens then you have a bad fuel pump. i do not see fuel pump relays going bad but plenty of fuel pumps. good luck. 

    I believe that your truck has a fuel shut off switch, which in the event of a collision  shuts down the fuel. It must be reset. which is simply pushing a "reset" button. Where the switch physically is, I'm affraid I don't know. Ask a local mechanic.


    the only vehicles that have a shut-off switch are only the ford products. gm never installed these kind of devices. instead it has a roll-over valve or check ball that is in the sending unit to shut off fuel in case of a roll-over incident.
    ed shank

    See, your never to old to learn something. Thanx for the info.

    It is located under the radio area center of the dash low. Do not remove all the dash the lower panel will be enough. There are 2 relays side by side. The left one is for the horn the right is the fuel pump relay, they are the same part. To check them swap them out and see if the horn blows if it does the relay is ok. 

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