How can i find out if USER: millie111 has been reported for an abusive answer to a question that i asked earlier?

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    Contact the administration, see at the bottom of this page..........

    I just took a look at that question. Millie was not abusive according to akaQA guidelines. Your  language there is abusive however. I suggest you leave off the swearing and adjust your attitude. If you do not agree with an answer, you can say so in a civil manner. All opinions are recognized as freedom of speech here as long as they are not vulgar (including swear words), or designed to incite riot or hate against another. Millie's opinion is based on the fact that you are employed but seeking monetary aid as an under employed person. In the USA the only aid available for the under employed are grants to go back to school and get a degree in another field where you may be able to find full time employment. 


    Not true. If you live in michigan, and you have a job that doesn't give you at least 40 hours a week when that job is supposed to, you can file a claim for UNDEREMPLOYMENT. Read the michigan uia guidelines and read what it says about UNDEREMPLOYMENT. And let me say something about the word "fag" which millie111 used in her first answer to my question. Fag is about the most offensive word you could use against someone, and i've seen people get fired at jobs for saying the word fag at work.

    As I said in your other question, this sounds like a state to state thing. Your best bet is to contact your state labor dept and see what you are now eligible for since you lost your job. CT does not offer this. millie does not live in the USA and in her country, fag means cigarette.

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