do bigfoot exist?

    I really hope he is real cause all my mates doesen't  thinks he exist.


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    There is no true evidence to date that bigfoot exists.


    They are camera shy! :)

    Because you are a gentle soul I will teach you Gibbon and then we can go together and you can talk to them with me. After we know the chicks are bigger. :)

    Here you go a picture and some of his outer space cousins""""


    That is not an alien cousin. They live In forests world wide. The lower picture is a painting done by Wilbur Q Doolittle III. It was stolen from his son Bob F Doolittle. Please do not let a Bifoot know it is on the web- they are very shy and sensitive! It would cause any Bigfoot great distress!
    According to my Great Uncle Wilbur F Doolittle II His Great Uncle Wilbur Q III had great relations with Bigfoots! They were once numerous in the Great Woods where he lived.

    They do.  Unlike the stories that have been told The Big Foot species are very shy and do not attack humans.  When they see, smell, or sense humans the quietly hide.  If they have to travel through human inhabited areas they do so quietly on windy nights. (The wind helps to muffle any noise they make.  They also know that when dogs bark on windy nights their human companions ignore the barks).  They eat vegetation, grubs, insects, and occasionally will eat fish or rodents.  Fruit is their favorite times they have been bent down, foraging for berries, and been mistaken for a small bear.  

    When I was little one would visit the woods behind my home.  Sadly, I believed the stories and was afraid of it.

    It wasn't until I understood how shy and harmless they were that I had the great fortune to meet a mother Bigfoot and her two "kids".  A lovely family.  We talked in Gibbon ( a mutual language we shared).  I learnded to have great respect for them.

    Sadly, like many animals they are loosing their forest homes.  Many have died. (They bury the bodies under soft dirt and leaves.  They decompose quickly which is why no human has found a skeleton or remains).  

    So, please remember that when they cut down trees and de-forest areas they are one of MANY animals that suffer.


    What? No pictures? <grin>

    I'm sure they are, lol

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