What is the name of your favorite book?

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    The complete version of "The Stand" by Stephen King. It was almost 1400 pages if I remember correctly. It was one of those books, that when you put it down, you were always wondering what would happen next.

    The funny thing of it is, one evening many years later, Stephen King come up to me and struck up a conversation. We talked for about 5-10 minutes, and I didn't know who he was until afterwards someone told me.


    Great book, shame about the movie.

    I love The Stand. I've forgotten how much I enjoyed it, Thanks for the memory. Was it really Stephen King? I've always wondered what his dreams must be like.

    This is one of my favorite books by King.

    I just finished 11/22/63 by Steven King. A good King read. Almost as long as THE STAND....

    Anne of Green Gables.


    Not on this book.
    We teach it in nursery in Scotland.
    It is a good book though?

     All Dr. Seuss,  All Creatures Great and Small, The Jungle Book, and the following Oral Books:  On being the matriarch Elephant of a wonderful herd for 18 times the travel to and from the watering hole,   The Songs of a Leopard Toad,  On Accepting our Fate: A Coyote's Journal of Coping with Inner- city Life,  The Happiest Creatures in The Sea,  and They Think We are Worth Less In God's Eyes (This is a compilation of Animal Comments from Every animal type that has ever lived on Earth- Though you have to be fluent or partially fluent in an amazing number of Animal Languages..It is a great expose on Human arrogance!)

    and, of course, Dr Doolittle!


    Love the books by James Herriot! Have the complete BBC series on VHS.

    By E. W. Hildick
    Louie is the head delivery man of the New Day Dairy Company and his Lot is what they call his boys, the boys who work for him, and who form a kind of elite fraternity based on the rigors of Louie's training and the imponderables of measuring up to his standards.

    KOTF Early days!


    So.....I was supposed to write a book report?

    I was about 8 years old when I first read Anne of GG. I loved it...still do. :)

    I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE by Wally Lamb.............

    The Bible


    Of Course! I decided to focus on Animal "books"

    "Fifteen" by Beverly Cleary.  A young teen is invited to complete a high school year at her aunt and uncle's home in California.  It was written in the 1950's and is a very sweet and innocent book...the way I wish life was now for our teens.   

    The book of john..aka the Bible..


    I will not eat anybody's spam Doolittle I am!
    Did you know that there is a Spam Museum??

    stellablue is Karma too?

    Just wondering!

    I have so many favorites it is mind boggling,however,if I had to pick the best read in the last year it would have to be "Tuesdays With Maury"...what a beautiful human story of two mens' re-aquaintance.I recommend this read!Peace.


    Great book!
    Coyotes love rodents!!! Rodents make the same sound as that guys boots! I hope the guy went inside and got that dog a bone!

    I have enjoyed many books, poetry too, but a book that comes to mind was called "the treatment and the cure" far cry from a classic and I believe out of print, but very factual, tongue in cheek look from the inside of institutional life. I also have a treasured copy of the Rubiat of Omah Khiam (please excuse if I have not  used the correct spelling

    LAZY MAN'S GUIDE TO ENLIGHTMENT.  When I was in college I bought 13 copies and gave them to people.  Also I like One Minute Manager.  Also I like People Of The Lie. And so many more.  I love books and the ability to read, since I had a very difficult time learning how to read.

    Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, ... And Ladies of the Club by Helen Hooven Santmyer and The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker.

    Any cooking book by Fanney Craddock,

    The Hour I first Believed by Wally Lamb 


    She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb 



    I LOVED I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE by Wally Lamb. Have read it three times!

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