What is a good tree killer

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    You need to read the book The Lorax!!!

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    Sodium chlorate is cheap and effective, but may not be available as it has been used for making explosives. Failing this, glyphosate injected into the trunk will work but you may need specialised equipment.

    Velpar works really well, it is what was used on the Treaty Oak here in Texas. Killed it deader than a door knob.......Not sure of the spelling but you can ask for it by name...........

    Is it really necessary  that you have to kill the tree ? How sad.


    Cried like a baby when they took out 6 acres of trees behind our home to develop is sad!

    A ChaineSaw works really well

    Here's how Sasquatch do it>""

    A bag or two of rock salt, spread around under the tree should, do the job.  Either that or cut away six inches of the bark completely around the tree just above the ground, or do both.





    Three copper nails two inches long nailed into the base of a tree will kill it within a year.

    The tree in question should only be destroyed if it is dying and cannot be saved.  Otherwise, the Tree is's your attitude towards it that needs to be 'killed'

    ""Great tree-killer, but as they say, "payback is a b*tch!"

    "Head Butt it if it does not Kill the Tree .It will kill "You !! Then you wont have to worry about "Killing the Tree.

    An Axe



    One should not kill a tree. One should respect a living tree and ask it's permission before responsibly taking it down.


    Turn and run like crazzy!

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