How can one start a grassroots movement against our corrupt legal system?


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    Get a can of Pepper Spray and a gas mask

    Step 1. Procure a copy of Our Corrupt Legal System: Why Everyone Is a Victim (Except Rich Criminals) from Amazon, (free shipping worldwide), etc.

    The product of 20 years’ research, the book does what law schools do not: it examines the origins of two legal systems, their flaws, and possible remedies. Thus:

    Judge Harold Rothwax said: “Without truth there can be no justice”. Judge Russell Fox said justice means fairness; fairness and morality require a search for the truth; truth means reality.

    In truth-seeking (inquisitorial) systems used in European countries, their former colonies and elsewhere, trained judges control evidence and have no incentive to prolong the process.

    Consequences in Sweden, France and Germany, for example: most civil and criminal trials take no more than a day; about 95% of guilty accused are convicted; the innocent are rarely charged.

    By contrast, the law in England and its former colonies:

    • Is not a truth-seeking occupation. The adversary system has 24 truth-defeating mechanisms, including six ways of concealing evidence from jurors.
    • Untrained judges have a history of favouring lawyers’ financial interests;
    • Lawyers trained in sophistry, the art of lying, control evidence and prolong the process.

    (The book details the 24 devices which get the guilty off; no criminal should leave home without it.)

    Consequences: white collar criminals are rarely charged; trials can take months; fewer than 50% of guilty defendants are convicted; at least 1% of prison inmates (up to 5% in the US) are innocent.

    The criminal system is thus unfair to victims, police, prosecutors, jurors, the community, and taxpayers who fund the system.

    The book also shows how the civil system is unfair to defendants in medicine, business, industry, and (outside the US) the media. Trials can take years; victims pay unnecessarily high insurance/legal costs.

    Step 2. Google organisations representing victims, e.g. doctors, police, people in industry, journalists etc.

    Inform them of the above.

    Encourage them to have their Investigative/Explainer units calculate cost differences between the two systems.

    They will then be able to show taxpayers how a truth-seeking system will be cheaper as well as fairer.

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