First time in over five years how about you ?

    I haven't spent a nickel on the lottery in over 5 years, I consider it a waist of money,if the average person could get rich at it, it would not exist. but at over 540 million i broke down and bought 2 quick picks (big spender i know). does anyone else feel the same way ?

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    hey daren, just saw the news, if you win that big lottery you could afford to buy Tonga, what a great place for our party

    Consider it done , now if i could just figure out where Tonga is..

    Tonga is a great even comes with a Royal Family!

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    Well if I hit it's an AKA party for all on some remote spot in the Carribian...


    Please put me on your list.

    Your first on the list I'll get the bill..(i know time for some new material)

    Just say the word......

    Have snorkel/Will travel

    At  first thought you were asking about something else....aha! However.....if you don't play you cannot win!Good Luck!!!

    Keep buying those lottery tickets. They help put money in the state coffers. :o) P.S. I'll come to the party if you win.


    See ya' there. I just asked him to put me on his party list. :)

    I'll buy the rare quick picks (every 6 months) but, I like the scratchers.  After a short dry spell, I usually win my money back.................


    My brother in law is a fanatic he'll spend 20-40 bucks a day and then when he hits he thinks wow.. sorry your just getting the money back you invested ...

    This is gonna sound weird but I only buy when I know I'm gonna win...Does this make any sense?

    none what soever Reminds me of a joke.. "did you hear about the ......ish lottery"? they give you a dollar a year for a million years..

    Funny joke but, I do win scratch offs every 6 weeks or so when I buy them, I've only lost about half of my winnings. I'm not going to get rich playing but it is fun to win..........

    P.S. I like your new name....

    I rarely buy any lottery tickets, but I am in a syndicate, though I have a direct debit set up to win a house up north, been buying them for 30 years......have never come close and could probably have one paid for by now with the money spent on tickets

    Hope you win, hope I'm invited to the party, looking forward to it anyway.

    The most I have ever won on Ozlotto is $60:00. I'm not lucky and haven't bought any for some time. Maybe I'll have a try next week. A couple of million would do us.

    Daren, may be we can pool the amount. my $30 mill. plus your $540 mill., we can start arranging the Aka party straight away as i get it in a lump sum tax free --- if only! lol.


    We'll have to go to the Cayman islands...

    Daren, bugger that, we will buy the Cayman Islands. LOL.

    ""You need to go back. You have the wrong #'s here are the wining ones   

    6 17 19 20 21

    (Jusk kidding) :(



    thanks Ed i had a bad feeling about the numbers i got..

    Well it is Friday so that is a good feeling.

    If these are the winning numbers...I will go for a Polar Bear swim across the road and into the drink!!!And baby it is cold out there!!!!

    I bought one (first lottery ticket of any kind in about 2 years)....I'll have limited time here on akaQA after today....too busy with my accountants, lawyers, and oh yeah, those people calling me for a loan!  Been nice knowing all of you!   LOL!!!!!

    P.S.  Oh all drink each...on me!     :)


    I'm going through something quite similar, busy, busy ,busy or is that dizzy, dizzy ,dizzy..

    You and a couple others here would be my choice for big winners!

    I don't buy lottery tickets or scratchers, go to the race track, and take only $40 on the rare occasions I go to a casino.  
    I don't gamble much, but I do get in my car every day and take a big gamble I'm going to get where I'm going and back without an accident.  
    What are the odds.... 


    how about odering chinese food thats a big gamble as well..

    Odds of winning the $540M lottery...1 in 176M

    A friend bought me a ticket.  We have great plans for a Huge Animal Rescue Resort (Well, probably more like a segmented Farm......) With 2 houses.  Take your allergy medicine because that is where the aka party will be!  You can leave for home with your own adopted animal if you like!

    wish you a 540 million degree luck!

    YOU HAVE TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT!!..but gamble sensibly!:-)

    good luck....SOMEONE HAS TO WIN...WHY NOT YOU??!!:-))


    I agree nothing wrong with spending a couple bucks here and there , i know of a couple guys that will drop 40-60 bucks a day that's just insane !!

    No winners..........?


    not me--LOL
    Headless Man

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