What do I do When Doctor says I'm A Diebetic

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    Proper diet and exercise. Follow the doctors advice. He/she should be able to provide you with all you need to know about living with diabetes. He/she should provide you with a list of food and drink you can consume that will not adversely affect your blood sugar. If you've been given a medication, take it as directed.
    diet and exercise, yes!
    but medication also, your dr will advise.
    There are also diabetic clinics that offer great information and look online for the recipes. Lots of info out there. I was told that as far as exercise goes it is cardio rather than weights that will benefit the most.Just listen to the Docs and professional advice and you will be fine...keep exercising and eating right...sorry to hear your news though.
    Cry about it..=P
    You have it, diet and exercise.

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