How does one cancel Facebook Account?

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    Once you delete your account permanently, you won't be able to reactivate it. It is advisable to erase all information like friend list, pictures, profile info, news feeds, applications, etc contained in your account before deleting it permanently.
    Log-in to your account. Then click the 'help' option on the interface. Type 'how to permanently delete Facebook account' in the search bar.
    You will be directed to the FAQ section where you will find the question, 'I want to permanently delete my Facebook account. How do I delete it?'.
    Click on the link to view the account deletion box, stating 'delete my account'. After reading the message click the 'submit' button.
    You will immediately view another box, stating 'you are about to permanently delete your account. Are you sure?'. Enter your password and the case-sensitive letters shown in the box below.
    Click on 'OK' to move on to the next step.
    Facebook will notify that you cannot access your account for 14 days in order to get it deleted permanently. Your account will remain deactivated for 14 days.
    You will receive a confirmation message in your email from the Facebook team regarding 'account scheduled for deletion', after which your account will cease to exist.

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