Should you be allowed to take children into R-Rated movies?

    In the US a child under 17 cannot see an R-Rated movie unless accompanied by an adult. When these films are released in the UK most of them are given a rating of "15" or "18" which means they cannot be seen by children under those ages at all in the cinema.

    Several American R-Rated films, including "Driller Killer" and "Last House on the Left" were considered unsuitable for adults in the UK until recently, and "The Exorcist" and "Reservoir Dogs" were both denied a video certificate years ago to prevent them being seen by children.

    Years ago in Britain there was an 'A' (Adult) certficate for films which prevented those under 16 from watching them unaccompanied by an adult, but it was a similar sort of thing to a P.G.

    It has been felt by some that the Ratings Board in the US were too lenient, particularly regarding violence


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    Kids can fill their brains with garbage, from a whole variety of sources.  I would rather see it discouraged in as many places as possible.  Much information stays in the brain forever....violence, perversion, cursing, etc.  A total lack of garbage in the brain would be better and I'm not sure why, as a society, it seems to be so attractive. So in my opinion, the answer to your question is NO!

    When I was an under-aged kid, my mom would take us to the movie (R rated) and go to the counter to tell them to let us in and then drive away.  I let my son watch what ever movie floated his boat.....


    how did he turn out ?

    He's a great kid, he liked Disney movies, too...

    I think their is worse crap on network tv what's the difference..except when you go to the theater your paying more to see it.


    No difference at shouldn't be on tv either.

    I agree. Some shows that are on at 9 should be slated for 10pm and have parentaal warnings!

    No. When my children were young, I never let them go to those movies and my grandchildren were not allowed either.

    Of course not..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    A lot of the problems today are, I think, the result of  permissive, self-indulgent, and often irresponsible parenting AND desensitization of violence and serial promiscuity.

    Shows titled "Mistresses" and "Scandal", and "Revenge" come to mind.


    same over hear Bob,,


    Kinda feel like we're on a carousel that just goes faster and faster.

    It is perverse and bordering criminality to expose children to sex, violence and any combination thereof. a mature responsible parent shouldn't you know the answer before you have a child ?

    ....what is best for your child ?

    American children are 'paying' with their lives due to the violence on tv, in movies, and on video games.  The tragedy at Columbine High School, the children who commit suicide due to bullying, and the child who died at a 14 year old's hand (she wanted to know how it felt to kill someone) are all examples.  By the time kids graduate from High School (grade 12- usually 18 yrs old) the ones who have been exposed repeatedly to violence are immune to it.  In one report, an 18 year old said that he didn't expect to live to 50 yrs old...he was sure someone would kill him.  Sad and really really scary!

    As an adult I have tough skin and actually watch some tv shows that have violence.  One episode of a certain show still bothers me a lot.  3 teen age girls trapped and the only way their captor would release them was if any 2 girls killed the third.  It showed at 9 pm.  How many teen age girls watched that show (or the re-run?).  If it bothered me to the point that I still get nauseated- what the heck did it do to the girls (and boys) who saw it????

    I'm pretty liberal but enough is enough!

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