I have a large black Labrador X, that has ear mite. I have the drops for it, but cannot get it into his ear, he just wont let me, he is strong, and just rolls over or hides in his kennel. i cant sit on him to do it, yet they bug him. Any ideas?

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    You will have to have someone hold your dog whilst giving him ear drops, start by holding your dog's head still, and with the ear flap laid back, insert the nozzle of the bottle in the ear in a forward direction toward the tip of the nose.

    Without letting your dog shake its head, remove the bottle and drop the ear flap back into position.

    With the palm of your hand, gently but firmly massage the dog's ear. This lubricates the whole ear canal with the medication.

    Hii.. had the same problem with my Great Dane..but..important don´t show the eardropper.. Then cuttle up on the couch..with some goodies.. best if you have a friend to distract him whit chatting, snacks ..and you slowly get your eardropper close to his ear..and tell him with sweet voice that nothing is going to happen..make a joke out of it..sound happy and laugh .. then I´m sure he soon will combine the eardrops with some some pleasure too.. Hope this could help you.. Best of luck..


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