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    teflon (or non-stick) vs steel/aluminum vs cast iron vs ceramic-coated cast iron vs clay vs copper.
    For instance, I know many claim a copper bowl is best for whipping egg whites, and cast iron is almost indestructible and will go from rangetop to oven. What are the basic advantages (other than the obvious for no-stick) between the types and when is it most appropriate to use one type in preference to another? (eg: if the bits left over [fond?] are important, which is best?). I have fair stainless, good to excellent non-stick, a couple of copper-bottomed pots (one a pot/steamer), 3 cast-iron fry pans, a couple of ceramic-coated pots, 3 good tajines, a couple of clay bakeware pots with lids, glass pots & pans, and the standard black ceramic-coated turkey bakers (3 sizes) and similar pots. I do not have any copper bowls, only stainless and glass,
    HELP!! Even pointers to other sites would be appreciated. Some recipes specify, but most do not, and I would like to be knowlegeable on the various uses from some impartial sources.

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    I prefer the heavy stainless steel cookware as it being heavier holds up better heats quicker more evenly and is just a lot better cookware.

    Enamel coated cast iron. It has even heat, easy to clean, dishwasher safe and lasts years and years with no nasty ill side effects or deterioration.

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