what brand of butter was used by the military in the 1960's?

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    Not that I know the answer to this but... What military??


    Good point,Vinny. The Italian army only uses extra-virgin olive oil.

    My uneducated guess was U.S.A.Wishin' the quests were not riddles!!@#%&<??

    See this excerpt first>>>Ration, small detachment, 5-in-1, is designed for conditions where small groups of men are able to prepare hot meals with rudimentary cooking facilities, or where large groups may be divided into bodies of 5 or 10 men for the purpose of feeding themselves. Specifically, the necessity for such a ration is predicated on its usefulness to tank or armored vehicle crews when committed, to anti-aircraft automatic weapons organizations when gun crews are separated by considerable distances from the battery kitchens, and to troops traveling by rail without kitchen cars. The utility of this ration has proved to be excellent in field tests, but problems related to menu-planning and nutritional balance remain to be solved.

    Components of the 5-in-1 ration

    The ration provides food for 5 men for 1 day. The components of the ration are placed in one case; the case and contents weigh 27 pounds, and it can easily be carried by one man.

    The 5 menus contain combinations of 10 canned meat items, canned bread, or type V biscuits, 3 types of pudding, 5 kinds of jam, 6 kinds of vegetables, sugar, milk, beverages, confections, cheese spread, butter spread, and accessory items consisting of cigarettes, can openers, toilet tissue, soap, water-purification tablets, sponge, cellulose tape, and paper towels.][>>>>  I found this cool site while researching this impossible question.Aside from talking with a Military Chef my guess is that brand of butter likely coincides with the area of purchase,however I also noticed a reference to "butter spread" which could refer to margerine or other oil products.Here's that link>>>>


    Gee what ever happened to "Combat Ice cream"
    The question was to do with the military not the menu for a dinner party.
    In the Australian army we started off with a tin of bully beef and "Dog" biscuits.
    Then we got 24hr ration packs 1 per man.
    These had tinned sausages, meat (A definite misnomer) carrots, potatoes, tubes of condensed milk, hard biscuits tube of vegemite, tea leaves tube of butter but as it was in a plain khaki tube with no name your guess is as good as mine. This is all I can recall but it was 60 years ago.
    It was enough to keep you alive.

    I know...just thought I'd baffle and overwhelm them with too many facts in an effort to fudge over the butter brand issue and after reading your comment I wonder if this was where the idea for "no-name"brands came from!!!

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