i was going to ask you that i could get rid of our house flies

    my name is house fly1000 and that is my account and i study house flies



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    Invite ROMOS for dinner. After dinner they may follow him...

    Ha ha.

    If you study them you really ought to know how to get rid of them!

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    Just tell the fleamily to away!!!!!

    He wants to study house flies and to get rid of them at the same time. Your Q/A is valid :)

    Hang a clear plastic bag (baggie) filled with water and it will repel the flies. Don't know why, you're studying flies, tell us................

    talk to ROMOS - their King...


    Not a word, not a bloody word.
    Most annoying.

    Hey ROMOS...WHAT`S UP??? :-(

    You must have a very buzzy schedule.

    House Fly Diseases
    Even though house flies don't bite, they can still get you sick. Because house flies feed on excrement and garbage, they are known to carry disease-causing bacteria and viruses. These pathogens cause diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, food poisoning, yaws, and eye infections. These pathogens can be transferred to us when the flies feed on our food. That is why getting rid of house flies is so important.

    Natural Fly Killers
    Carnivorous plants, like the Venus fly trap or the pitcher plant, are available to purchase at a number of retailers. This approach to getting rid of house flies is more entertaining than realistic. At least that is my assumption. I could be wrong; maybe they can effectively control a population of flies. Try it and let me know.

    Boric acid is a commonly used natural insecticide. Powdered boric acid is placed in places where insects congregate. The powder sticks to the hairs on the insects body. When they preen themselves, they ingest the boric acid and die.

    The flyswatter is only as effective as the person doing the swatting. Flies have a highly evolved evasive ability, which helps them to avoid getting whacked. It only takes a fly 200 milliseconds (.2 seconds) to respond to impending death. Try swatting with two objects from opposite directions to confuse them.


    Boric acid??
    That's MURDER!!

    But flys and fleas are two different things. Fleas are a...worse scourge... ;)

    Take out the garbage, close windows.

    House flies are homely creatures. They fan the air with their wings and chase disease away. They like to sleep on the ceiling at night so that predators can't catch them. They also like to sing all day.

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