How do you figure out how many BTU's you need for a certain room size?

    This is for a Heat Pump which includes Air Conditioning and Heat, a split level system.  How many square feet does 9000 BTU's cover and how many square feet does a 12,000 BTU unit cover?

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    The amount needed depends on the size of the room(s), how well they are insulated, the number of outside walls, windows and so forth.

    A "British Thermal Unit" is defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound (around one pint) of water one degree Fahrenheit, 69 to 70  standard.

    The amount needed to be removed to cool the room is much lower than then amount that is required to heat the same room

    A HVAC contractor can figure your needs for based on the climate in your area.

    If you do install a heat pump, be sure to include a "Ground Source," so you can air condition the space at a much lower cost than without a "Ground Source." WBMS



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