What would you do if you were twenty miles out in the woods fishing at a secluded stream you knew of, and you came upon a UFO (flying saucer) just sitting in amongst the nearby trees?

    You know people would probably say you are crazy if you reported it. They'd also probably say you faked the photo if you took a picture of it, and it might not be there if you went to get someone to show them it...yet there sits this big spaceship right in front of you! Would you be curious, scared, think you were dreaming, or had lost your mind? What would you do if that really happened to you?

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    A question for you, Eggie.

    So Shootah...this happened to you? Come on secrets!!

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    G'day Shootah, i would do what all good Americans would do-- walk up to the ship and Welcome the Alien to Planet Earth then shoot him. lol.

    Shootah're probably right!

    Shootah, i was only joking it's all those American sci-fi movies i like to watch.

    I was too!

    ROTFLMFAO ! actually.

    Shoot first...ask questions later?

    Who WERE you? Hey, I said, who WERE you?

    I'd start fishing more and drinking less. Course I'd send a picture to Eggie.

    I would check it out and see if there was anyone inside the UFO. If they were friendly i would ask them to take me for a ride.


    What if it was really dark and the spooky music was playing in your head?
    DE DE DE DE deeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

    I am too curious by nature. Unless The aliens were chasing me, nothing would stop me from investigating that UFO. I love spooky music.

    La la la la doodley doo do dee dah lah lah la da deedle dee...eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!


    Let us hope Ann you were not wearing a red shirt because you know what happens to people who wear red shirts in star trek.

    I would very politely ask them to show me their fishing license.



    LOL! I think I'd leave that for the game warden.

    Even if they were "green guys"?

    I'd ask for photo ID.

    I would knock on there tin plated door and "Shout !! Get off my "Land" its "Private . (probable owned by some one else ,but they don't know that ? 


    Oh, they might!

    But what if "they" know EVERYTHING??

    "AH.Ducky they wont be able to read my "Mind "EH AIN`t got a "Brain!!

    "OH Doolittle do you think they a spoken to Colleen ??

    I'd just stare at it in wonder for a while............

    Look it over, knock on  it to see if anyone is there and if it was abandoned, chart the location so I could bring equipment back and take it home to reassemble in the garage and tell anyone that asked that its just junk from an old mining site.   

    Knock to see if anyone was home........

    Probably nothing as long as they weren't scaring my fish away.

    First of all I wouldn't be fishing.  I would be communicating with the fish! and frogs- frogs are so funny.  Anyway, I'd ask all the nearby animals if the ship crashed or simply landed there- this would be important because I'd want to know if I should grab my alien first aid bag.  Then I'd go to the ship and have a lovely conversation with our alien guests (all aliens know gila monster as well as I do- so that is the language we would speak).  Then Id hop in the ship and we'd find fishy and Carl and go for a spin.

    I would be like....FISHLET!!!!!!!FFFIIISSSHHHHHHLEEETTTTT!!!!!

    I'd say to myself. "This is it.  I am so screwed."


    funniest answer!!!

    Why of course, I would  shoot 'em right between their three eyes, then fry em up and eat them--  makes some sammiches--Alien meat is really tasty this time of year and its open season on them too!  


    A totally and completely masculine answer! :->

    Is that what they put into Spam ? I was wondering.

    Sure it is-- What do you think the 'SP' in SPAM means?? 'It means 'SPACE-HAM' everyone knows that.

    I would walk over to the ship and ask the Alien, do you speak my language, he smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich, straight away i knew this Alien had class,  obviously he had visited the land down under berfore landing in the woods looking for Shootah.  Je----s i'm beginning to be like the rest of you aaahhhhhh. lol.


    It rubs off on you after awhile! LOL!

    I would go in and ask them for some gold.

    Think I'd sneak away quietly and change my drinking habits

    Be quiet

    I would believe it to be real as I trust my own mind and eyes.  I would leave as fast as I possibly could, quietly and steathfully,  if possible.   Not at all interested in any interaction......

    .... I would try to be unidentified, also

    I really dont know what I would do I think I would be scared!


    I think it is time to move to Glencoe Bulletman. This lot is getting to you.

    If it were as big as it sounds, I'd have seen it in plenty of time to get nowhere near it. There are other places to fish!

    Check my last meal and see if there were any Gold Top magic mushrooms in it..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..        Image result for gold tops mushrooms

    I'd take out my binoculars because I'd want to try and catch a look at the being who'd flow the craft. I wouldn't want to get too close because you hear varying stories of whether these creatures are peace loving or just out hunting for "specimens."

    But with my luck, this is what would happen....



    This a gender neutral kinda alien?

    Apparently so, CM! lol

    I would be very curious and try to know them.

    try to leave quickly, without being noticed. if they caught me though, I would try to be calm so I wouldn't have a heart attack or die. or maybe after being captured by an alien, i'd rather die. now if they were the friendly type, I would most likely still be out cold from something related to them. why do you think people come back from abductions saying they lost time, you don't want to remember that joy ride.

    I can't answer this question because I would never be twenty miles out in the woods at a secluded stream. Oh no!!!

    terryfossil 1

    Hey Duck that's skinny dipping territory..>>>>>>>><<<<<<..

    To me it screams mosquito country! :)
    terryfossil 1

    thats what aerogard is for Duck..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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