Help me ? I need some advice....

    Okay, so, I am starting a couple of clubs this week and I want to be the girl that everyone likes,I want to be the girl that is bubbly and loud in lessons and make people wanna hang out with me. Please don't say that I should just be myself cuz I AM being myself. Okay. Thanks.

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    the first thing to do is polish up your ego, carry a large mirror around with you ,smile a lot,and practice saying "yes I like that". good luck!


    Congratulations, 10,000!

    thank you !

    If you already are your self what I suggest is to be attentive to others. What I mean is, observe the people then chose your friend based on how you fell towards these persons, like if they share your values, your interests and other things you can relate too. Never forget who you are, make sure you chose your friends and not the other way around, because then you may end up with people who might not make you feel good about youself. People like it when you listen to them a lot and when you share a bit about yourself after so they don't feel awkward. Friendship is not always easy ... and even harder when you let the appearences get in the way!

    IF YOU WANT TO ATTRACT PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO BE ATTRACTIVE Think on those words and what they mean and they do not mean you have to be good looking, wear the latest fashion or be a loud mouth. They mean what they say. You can be a "plain Jane" and be heaps more "attractive" than some dimwitted dolly bird. This is especially true of men and who they are attracted to, I know because I am one. Be you and dont try to copy someone else. Dont forget "losers let it happen, winners make it happen" Send genuine thank you card for the smallest nice things others do for you. You have two ears two eyes and one mouth and they should be used in that order. Let us know how you go.

    if you wanna be the one who everyone notices, then remember that you will be under watch by all. so everything that you do will be noticed and probly talked about. So be careful what u wish for.

    I know it's not the advice you're looking for, but still, being yourself is actually the best advice. If you're not being yourself people sense that and it can push them away. Don't try too much, just be yourself :)

    Oh dear. Obviously you are young with much to learn. Have you ever considered that people will want to hang out with you for NOT being the loud one. You risk embarrassing yourself at the clubs. It would be so much nicer if people said, "I like her cos she's mature and not a loudmouth attention seeker"

    You must like yourself before anyone else can. If you enjoy your own company so will others. Another thing is be a good listener and a great freind. Don't forget to have fun! Good Luck and keep smiling.

    just be yourself people like that

    Don't change yourself, If you like yourself then others will see it coming from you. You will have an light shinning from you. Don't be overly aggressive or assertive, be yourself that is what real people will like. Any others who think you need to change then they are not worth it at all. Believe me others will see it and except you for whom you are.


    I was always the shy quiet one and struggled to communicate with people and used to wish I were more like others: confident, talkative... I used to observe people and see if I could learn anything from them in order to be more like them. But in the end, through all the years of college, uni and work, what I've realised is that I actually make friends really easily. At college and uni you have the same interests because you're on the same course, so this will be the same of clubs... What I've realised more than anything is that I'm still quiet but I'm a brilliant listener and people that are drawn to me tend to be really talkative and like someone who actually is happy to sit and listen(!)(!)(!) Obviously I chirp in now and again... and I'm still in touch with people that I've met via college, uni and work... spanning 30 years... and they're always asking to meet up with me in their emails or Xmas cards!

    So, shy and quiet isn't a problem...

    if you want to be the girl everyone likes , learn to listen look and learn , think before you speak and most of all put other first .

    Go to these clubs determined to have a good time, don't worry what anyone else there thinks, if you come across as happy and relaxed, everyone will want to hang with you. Good luck, have fun.

    Go to a couple of meetings and listen and observe the club members and make sure you like them before you worry about them likiing you good luck

    dont try to hard be yourself good look

    Some people will like you and some will not. So who cares. Just be yourself and the rest will come naturally

    If your not yourself than you are fake& phoney.The right people will be attracted to you if you just be yourself!

    be nice to everyone and talk to people and listen to there problems and do not laugh.

    be kind to all people & people will be kind to you,not all will be kind back !!keep being nice.but not fake

    it is easy to make people want to hang out with youbut you have to be like people want, but that is not a good ideaBE LIKE YOU WANT TO BE AND YOU WILL FIND PEOPLE LIKE YOU TO HANG OUT

    Well then........if you are all of that -dont worry they will be wanting to hang out with you...Good Luck!

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