Should people who have served there time, but did a felony crime in the past, be allowed to vote?

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    Two of my sons have felony convictions.  Both  are for theft commercial/residential).  Along with not being able to vote, they can't be elected to serve in public office, possess a firearm (their crimes did not involve using a gun), claim educational credits if/when they go to college, and....last but not least.....can't become a barber.  No doubt there are other lifelong penalties to endure.  
    Crimes should be punished.  When a person has served his/her time, has completed any parole and/or probationary period, I think it would be OK to reinstate some of those rights and privileges.   
    There are a lot of people who do not exercise their PRIVILEGE to vote.  Some people write in "Mickey Mouse" for office.  At least my sons have political viewpoints and (believe it or not) moral convictions that belie their transgressions.  :(


    WELL thats what you would call HONEST.

    Always, lewboy.
    ed shank

    I have mixed feelings on this. I was charged with shooting with intent to kill. But the charged was dropped to a misdemeanor, and I still had a major problem with getting a carry permit thirty years later. I have a permit now though.

    ed shank, it's murky waters. I don't see much changing. My kids f'd up and will suffer the consequences forEVER. Yaaaa meth (although I don't put all the blame there).
    ed shank

    I'd be curious to see how many ex-felones would actually vote, given the system was obligated to sentence them to prison. Bob, again I have mixed feelings on this one. Does anyone really give a s*** at the time their committing a crime that they will lose their right to vote? Probably not.

    ed shank: I'm pretty sure it's one of the last things on their many ways, I think some of the other privileges are more sadly lost. My personal vote has never mattered much. I'd hate to think I couldn't have particular careers! Weird, I know...I am.
    And, no, I'll bet most of those felons who actually DON'T repeat have many other issues more important than voting.

    Anyone can make a mistake but penalizing a person for crimes they did after their penalty phase is more like imposing a lifetime sentence for a bit of foolishness in youth. This restriction on felons needs to be reviewed and modernized. When that bit was written into our laws, the life expectancy of a person was 54 years. 


    YEP do the crime, do the time, go and vote.
    ed shank

    Certain crimes deserve to loose that right and others.


    I think not being able to vote is part of the punishment.  Time will tell if they have changed but the laws don't..............

    Where do you think we got the Obama administration from ?

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