What is a professional begger called?

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    that's right on; and may I ad attorneys ?




    that guy should be watching his back. lots of people probably not real happy with or for him.

    Maybe a "license" or permit should be required. THEN, people who donate to self-promoters (my new word for begging) who DON'T have a license (which would be a picture ID that must be visible when promoting) would get a citation and fined $100 or so.
    The worst, as far as I'm concerned, are the "families" who hold up signs of loved ones (young and old) who allegedly need medical care or funeral costs donated.

    Oh!   so you know my ex????

    country bumpkin


    A self-employed,  executive, legal procurer, of funds.


    Well put darlin'!

    PBA......Professional Beggars Association Hall of Famer.


    Please find another anacronym! PBA Is Professional Bowlers' Association. :o

    my lttle dog named Sandie esp. at mealtimes.

    Revenue Canada.


    damn you can be funny sometimes!!LOL!!'s another one...RCMP,the worlds' largest street gang!(it's a joke guys c'mon!)

    ...and to think that many years ago, I had successfully applied and was offered basic training in Regina. In the interim, I had joined a multinational sales firm and passed on the Mountie's offer.
    Best decision that then 21 year old ever made.

    ....wild applause!!!....

    A BUM!!. Ask OBAMA.

    A lot of beggars in London are not English, they are brought in groups from Romania and such countries, getting London bad name.

    Spud Shaw. If you know him you,d know what I was talking about, believe me!


    Spud...I like it...its the kind of mane you can pronounce t fit your mood! it is also the name of a team like game we played outside as a kid (I don't remember much about it. Hey, how's the weather been?))

    Raining "SPUDS!!

    A Social Security claimant.


    ummm..then we have a heck of a lot elderly/older claimants along with some younger ones who are physically or otherwise unable to work. Never thought of it a begging

    Not if they have paid into it all their lives! C'mon now! LOL. I'm not on SS yet but when I do collect I certainly don't want to be called a beggar after I have worked all my life and paid into it..

    THERE speaks a man lucky enough NOT to have been out of work or a pensioner YET

    Would you still call it that if your life turned upside down and you found yourself in that position? With medical costs and the nature of the way illnesses can come on, that situation could befall a great many people who have worked and paid into that system their whole lives. I don't think I'd call them that.

    OK, I'm being unreasonable. Just thinking of my idle grandaughter who does not work nor shows any inclination to do so. I know people who claim Incapacity Benefit but also work (on the black).

    A Bludger


    Pyth, that is one thing i cannot stand is a Bludger/s.

    A friend of mine gave $20 to a guy in ragged clothes with a "treasure-filled" shopping cart as he walked into a store recently.  When he came out a few minutes later, he saw the "beggar" in slacks and sport coat, getting into a nice Mercedes of some sort.  He hurried over to the "poor man"  and told him that if he didn't give back the $20, the police would be called immediately.

    I don't exactly know what YOU'D call this "white collar beggar", but I know what my friend called him.......

    ed shank

    While living in SF the college actually offered a coarse in panhandling. How sick is that? Than again, it was SF.
    Bob/PKB still is. :o

    Bob- a guy around here bought a house with the money he begged. He had a nice full time job. Creep!

    I think it should be illegal to be fakers begging!

    ...I saw this young dude,dressed neat and clean holding a sign stating he would work for food or cash so I approached him and asked him what was up whereby ultimately sussing him out as righteous and promptly gave him 10 bucks,told him to get out of the rain for awhile and thus dashed away lest he protest!!All is not lost my friend...saw him later working for the city landscaping crew with a big,big of those that you know will pay it forward so to speak!Peace.

    Have pity Bob .For all you know it could have been "OBAMA!!

    Panhandler, s***bums. There all the same to me.

    50% of todays teenagers.


    But they spell it beggArs not ers.

    country bumpkin

    Not mine. He's in high school and he works after school and weekends, sometimes to 1:30 am on school nights.

    Good for you Country Bumpkin your son is among the 50% of well trained offspring. I congratulate you and him, they get no favours with handouts.
    Once again well done , pity there are not a lot more of you in todays world.
    country bumpkin

    Thank you for your kind words.

    No need to thank me CB it does my heart good to have my hope for our future restored so I THANK YOU.


    lindilou the rich...

    a mendicant

    Better off than me!

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