how do you say "hellow,goodby,how are you, im sad, im happy, im on my period , wheres the bathroom?, how old are you? , whats youre favorite color? happy, sad, what type of food do you have?" in japenise

    how do i say "hellow, good by, how are you?, im sad, im happy, im on my period, wheres the bathroom, were best friends for ever, i hate you, i love you, what food are they serving?, i hurt myself, i am loving this." in japinese

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    Why do you want to tell someone you're having your menstrual cycle? That's kind of gross, especially to announce it on a public forum seen around the world. 

    The translator does not give the translation phonetically. Plus you need to spell the words correctly before it can know the word you need.

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    in japenese uhhhhhhh........oh ya i remeber japenese pepole say that like this....NO ONE KNOWS!!!!!

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