please any ideas what are the challanges that will face a pharmacy technicion

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    I think these are some of the challenges you may have as a pharma tech:

    Drug names: They are difficult to remember and some of them sound alike (be really careful);

    Math:  you need to be able to understand the American system and metric when doing conversions.  Additionally, you would need to be able to calculate number of pills for a three-month supply, for instance.

    Lousy boss:  pharmacists are generally arrogant and think their way is the only way;

    Grumpy customers:  be understanding as they are, you guessed it, patients and probably are sick.

    Lower starting pay:  you don't get the proper pay until you have had 2-3 years of experience. 

    Disclosures and ethics:  Make sure you disclose or explain to the patients the pros and cons of using prescribed drugs.  Law falls under this challenge as well.  Give them the wrong drug, they could die, and you risk getting sued.  Make sure you know the drug in question is to be taken orally or is an injectable. 

    Good luck.

    Links that I hope will help, Good Luck.

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