Did anyone watch the Face Blindness segment on 60 Minutes last night?

    Most of my life I have suffered symptoms of two non-essential but important senses, lack of smell and face blindness. Both have often caused embarrassment. I usually rely on the person with me to inform me when one occurs. I often fear someone will approach me  with a statement or question which requires me to know who they are. I usually become red-faced and have to admit that I don't recognize them. When introduced to a new person, I often inform them (in a light-hearted way) of my condition in an effort to avoid future embarrassment. Can you imagine having your daughter arrive unexpectedly at your door, and not recognizing her?

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    Thanks to everyone that replied. I had never heard of the condition until this past year, but have known I had the problem for at least my entire adult life. It has caused many embarrassing moments, but other than that is really not (in my case) a big deal. I should mention, my symptoms are not nearly as severe as those in the video and I do try to inform people that if we meet at a place where I don't expect to see them, I probably won't know who they are....And I keep poking my wife with "who is that"?

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    I watched the video Flip, and once again, I must appreciate how fortunate I am.  I would think that being in certain situations, would be very tiring and somewhat stressful, for you.  You must have been relieved to learn that you are not the only one with this condition.

     Flip, sorry to hear about your condition but to tell you the truth i have never heard of it before. i feel for you. i did not see the segment of course but the 60 minutes here will show it eventually.


    Thanks. As I stated, it is non-essential but can be embarrassing.

    Don't be, i can never remember names, can be embarrassing at times.

    This is all new to me also, I have looked information on line.

    Flip, I did not watch 60 min. I am sorry to hear about your condition. Try to get Vit. D from the sun and take Omega three fish oil. What does your Dr. tell you what to do? I hope there is something out there to help you.


    I watched it and I was stunned that one cannot even recognice theire own children. I have never heard about it before. They have to to more research on that condition.If they find the cause, than there might be treatment available.Hopefully soon.

    Ann: My adult daughter came to my house once when I wasn't expecting her, and until she spoke I didn't know who she was. :o)

    I just watched the episode from 60 minutes on UTube, Colleen was good enough to give me the web address, it is unbelievable that this condition exists, i really do feel for you Flip, it must be bloody hard to go through life not recognising others including your family---. 

    My best to you Flip and I hope someday they find a cure for these two things you've had to live with. Sometimes I think we are still too slow even with all the advances in science and medicine. 


    Thank you very much for posting the link.

    no problem :)

    I must have a lesser version of face blindness as I can meet someone that I haven't seen for a few years and don't know who they are until talking to them for awhile the voice I can recognize but then I can't recall their name....... Don't be embarrassed and just ask.


    Yeah, there are cases from very severe to milder symptoms. I once worked a second job in a convenience mart with a lady whose husband came in every night to pick her up. They and my wife and I when out to dinner and dancing one whole evening. A few weeks later I saw him in a place where I didn't expect to see him and of course he started up a conversation with me. When I confessed I couldn't remember him, he wouldn't tell me. A few weeks later his wife asked if I had ever figured out who he was. I hadn't. :o)

    Flip after I saw your question last nite.  I watched 60 Minutes.  That show was fascinating.  You never know what the next person is going through.  It also goes to show how resiliant and creative we humans are when we lack something in one area and compensate somewhere else.  I happy to know about this.  It makes me more patient with people.  Because we tend to get impatient with people that act a little different from us.  I feel "Man what an attitude they have."  This show helped me know better.  Thanks for asking this very important question.

    I'd not heard of this condition until recently when listening to NPR. There is so much we still don't know about the human condition but very happy to hear that there is concern for issues like this and the help that is being provided.


    A few months ago, you were the one that told me what it was called ... Thanks.

    Flip, You're welcome. :)

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