There is a large stucture in sydney that is used for the platform for fireworks, it looks like a coat hanger and is 80 years old today, what is it?

    Just a bit of a lame question. Aussies are barred, that icludes you , Eggie.

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    How far off was I?

    I might have gone with the Opera House but it did not look anything like a coat hanger, so you might have fooled a lot of people if not for saying that.

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    The Sydney harbour bridge, the enourmous bridge is used as a platform for the Sydney new years fireworks.


    Fraid not Ed it is the Opera House, only fooling of course it is the giant Coat hanger, i see you watch documentaries or the news. 10/10.


            Sydney Harbour Bridge

    designed and built by British firm Dorman Long and Co Ltd of Middlesbrough (who based the design on their 1928 Tyne Bridge in Newcastle upon Tyne)


    West-bus here's me thinking i asked a very hard Question, lol. I found out watching our news that it is still lawful to to have live stock cross the bridge between midnight and dawn, you would have to be stupid with the cars crossing as well.--- nice photo!.

    Great comment bulletman, I can't stop laughing when I picture a shepherd with his flock of sheep crossing the bridge and hundreds of cars following behind. A lot of hooting and baahing!!!

    Yes, the harbor bridge, how many of us Aussies remember the frustration of having to stop for the toll? thank goodness that's gone, long live the Sydney harbor bridge, best view in town


    lamb, if only i could afford it, my daughters have done it, they said the view was breath taking.

    ""fire work display sydney harbour bridge


    Mel , the fire works are well woth seeing, spectacular. How are you Mel , i haven't seen you on site much.

    bulletman I am fine I am very busy with work at the moment I do love my work but its hard going the cliants I have can be very hard work but the end result is good I am now booked up till September I wish I was off in the summer and work in the winter! thanks for asking a about me xxx

    G'day, Mel -- work definately comes first, i am pleased that you are so much to do.

    Hi bullitman sorry its taken sooo long to come back to you I am glad to that I have work as there are sooo many people who havnt got work I should not complain! xxx

    When I got my driving license there was a toll on the bridge, this was in in 1949.

    I can`t remember the amount but it was 1/- (10c) for years until the bridge was paid for.

    I have walked across the bridge to go to Lunar Park fun park.

    When I got married in 1954 they blocked the bridge off to stop women and teenage girls from throwing themselves off the bridge into the harbour.

    Rode the trams over the bridge when I was attending The School of Artillery at North Head. Sadly the School has been relocated and the magnificent buildings now used for TV reality shows like "Biggest Loser" Disgusting, should be retained as a memorial museum to the Royal Australian Artillery and the Gunners that passed through one of the most disciplined army barracks in Australia and possibly the world.

     Had to polish the insteps of our boots or face a week end guard duty.

    Boys went in men came out.


    PEOPLELOVER what was the reason for women and teenage girls throwing themselves off the bridge into the harbor?

    ED, the girls saw peoplelover on the

    The bridge cost 9 million Aussie pounds and took the NSW government 52 years to pay for it. 16 lives of construction workers were lost. Prime minister Lang opened the bridge himself refusing British royalty on cost grounds, but just before he cut the ribbon an army officer on horseback galloped up and cut the ribbon with his sword.

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