how cultral has shaped and benefited of Australia as a multicultral nation?

    how cultral has shaped and benefited of Australia as a multicultral nation?

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    As i see it at the moment they are not an asset to Australia. the drain on our welfare system must be be in the billions of dollars, they get housing before Australians, corporations are told to employ them, the govt. has set up schools, they given grants at very cheap interest, i see Sudanese students going to a very upmarket college, where do they get the money from, the stupid Aust. taxpayer of course, and as for the muslims they will never assimilate as long as they practice islam. If you remark about these goings on you are branded a racist, because of our racist laws the media cannot make a comment on our  behalf. Aust. should follow France's lead and ban the wearing of Burkas, that will never happen as both sides of our govt. hav'nt got the guts to implement such a ban.


    As you do so shall you reap.

    Franklin, i am doing the sowing, they are reaping the benefits.

    Interesting food choices and heaps more illegal drugs available, several enclaves of races, more diseases.

    Multiculturalism has tuned the "Lucky Country" into the "lucky if you don`t get affected" country.

    Racist? sure,

    As long as we allow theses "poor desperate" people to contaminate our country the longer we will suffer what are you going to do about it?

    Are you sure it is cultral not culture? 


    I think it is cultural, Franklin.

    I think he is writing in an Aussie accent.

    I think Peoplelover has understood the question.

    Nomdeplume, some how i don't think so.

    Really ,like I do.

    Franklin, i was commenting on whether the Postee was an Aussie, i'm sure he/she will tell me either way.

    Good ,Now keep it up.

    Franklin, i have enough, it is almost midnight here, i better get some sleep, Good Night.

    Which country you belong to?

    Franklin I thank you for you comment on my answer but I must take you to task regards your comments to Bulletman who, like myself is a genuine, you beaut proud to be Australian.
    We are paying our pensioners a pittance for their contribution to our history and growth.
    On the other hand we are clothing,feeding, providing medical care and schooling to a bunch of illegal immigrants that have contributed not a bloody thing except cause dissention among "real" Australians.
    Bulletman is correct none of our political parties has the gumption to stand up and be counted.
    Why because we have this global "We have to help them" attitude.
    They live in their own culture in our land, do not intergrate or wish to be part of our culture and we say "Oh that is fine we will adjust OUR rules to accommodate you"
    Am I racist? When it comes to this my bloody oath I am.
    I could fix this situation in 6 months.
    Any boat with illegals found in Australian Territorial waters be given one opportunity to turn around and bugger off or it will be sunk.
    Couple of these "problem solved"
    What does any country do if it is being taken over by another? They protect their borders by what ever means is at their disposal.
    I rest my case.

    Believe me, the real refugees are in camps around the world. And they don't have any money!

    I should know about this because I hear it from my Sri Lankan friends. They encourage their relatives to migrate because in Australia they give free money.

    I agree with peoplelover. The only thing different I would do, is turn the boats and send them back to Indonesia. Or, put them on the next plane back to their own countries. They are not refugees they pay at least $10000 per person to get on a boat plus their airfare. They are economic oportunists, and they're here for the free handouts.


    I totally agree with you there, Eggie.

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