Ratings from Mayo Clinic on the "Eat right 4 your Blood type" Plan

    I would like to know what the Mayo Clinic thinks about the "Eat right 4 for your blood type" diet?  Are there any reviews based on the "Eat right 4 your blood type"diet program?

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    I have heard that this diet has helped 2 people dramatically.  Both chose the diet, informed their doctors and followed the diet exactly (including having family members take long drives to buy some of the ingredients.  Both continued on their Rx meds- with regular monitoring. One was able to get off both his diabetic medications and high blood pressure meds...but he also went to increase his exercise.  The other was able to get off her diabetic medication.

    This diet is high maintenance-special foods and, at times, a moderate amount of cooking...those who have seen no difference seem to use ingedients that are similar to those suggested.

    Regardless of what diet they chose (or you) a doctor should over see it.  Any medicatoins should be continued, monitored, and adjusted by the doctor.

    You can go to the Mayo website to see if they have written any reviews.

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