my house has settled and caused some cracking in the brick... should i trust a foundation repair company to tell me what is necessary or hire a structural engineer? If it is not active should i lift it or just leave it alone

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    how old is the house ?

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    id save the money on a structural engineer ,cut out the middle man. their just going to tell you to get a concrete guy(foundation company). seems to me most houses settle regardless of there design. you do however need to fix the crack, depending on how thick it is, if its a hairline crack, i would do nothing, but keep a close eye on it. if its an eight of an inch or bigger time will only worsen it. it needs to be sealed preferbly from the outside to keep moisture,rain... from making it worse, esepecialy if you live in an area were it gets below freezing, that will cause all the more damage. unless your handy at stuff like this yourself, i would go through the yellow pages and get as many estimates as possible and negociate from there

    how old is the house ?

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