The question is:  You and your friend went to the Grocery store that is near your house and bought a ball that costs 50$. you paid 25$ and your friend paid 25$. after a while the owner of the grocery store came and said to the man who sold the ball to you: this ball cost 45$, take this 5$ and give them back, when he was on his way he stole 3$ and gave you 2$.  1$ for you and 1$ for your friend.  Now you paid 24 and your friend 24 so that is 48$, and the man who stole 3$  48+3= 51.


    you and your friend paid 25$ so that's 50$ but when the man returned 1$ to you and your friend, so thats mean you and your friend paid 24$   24+24= 48$ and the man stole 3$ , 48+3=51$

    you paid 50$ and the answer was 51$ !!!!     how is that possible   

    write your answer down        GOOD LUCK

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    This one can be found on the internet. You claimed you made it up in your part two question. I researched this last year for someone. Well it was a little different, the one I had to find was worded a little different and the amount was $91.00 I'll leave it to your players to answer but I know the answer already.

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    ngresz: My answer is correct. When the $5 was refunded, the purchase price became $45. How the $5 is disbursed does not change the fact that the price is $45. I have logically and thoroughly explained to you how $51 is NOT possible.
    If the answer is something different, by all means, let's have it. In fact, I DARE YOU TO PROVE MY ANSWER IS WRONG.


    Bob/PKB: I know that your answer is right but I want you to explain how the answer became 51$ not 50$.

    So thats why in part four I will not make it a math problem i will make it a problem like this:

    trytoknowthishiddenmessageitsfromthecompany. <like this. This will be better than math

    negresz: The answer became $51 because "you" neglected to adjust the cost of the merchandise when the $5 was refunded and
    "you" should have subtracted the $3 instead of adding it. The $3 is a reduction in the cost, as are the two $1 that are given to you and your friend.
    25 + 25 = 50
    50 - 5 = 45
    25 - 1 + 25 - 1 -3 = 45

    I HATE MATH!!! -_-

    Btw my name is spelled ngresz not negresz, so plz edit ur comment .
    Headless Man

    Good job Bob, it's all in the

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    Kinda hard to chart........ but I think you can see it here.


    Well.. Two people said that your answer is correct . My brother and Colleen. So congratulation for winning three times in a row!!! -_-
    Headless Man

    It's right, you just might not see

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    Headless Man (commented)- Umbriel is right the cost has nothing to do with the $3 being taken from the $5 refund.... they just didn't get the whole refund. Edit this comment Delete comment

    I like your charts.

    This question is way too easy for me.  I'll have to opt out.  Sorry.

    Lionel Messi is over-rated.


    Well observed.

    Each paid $25    2 x $25 = $50.
    Refund $5     $50-5 = $45  THE COST IS NOT $50.  THE COST IS $45. 

    $1 back to each of you  = $45 + 2 = $47
    $3 kept by jerkoff = $47 + 3 = $50  

    Headless Man

    Nice answer, I just like to

    No what I mean is that the man gave you 1$ and your friend 1$. So you paid 24$ and your friend 24$ 24+24= 48

    48+ 3$ the man stole = 51$

    negresz, NO? NO?? NO??? REALLY? What I am telling you is that when the $5 was given back from the store owner, the price of the merchandise decreased from $50 to $45, the amount that will be in the till for that purchase. The thief kept $3 and gave $1 each to my friend and me. $45 + 3 + 1 + 1 = $50.
    Headless Man

    ngresz, hate to tell you but your wrong again, think I would give

    Sorry, it is impossible because 50 - 3 =47 right

    2$ distributed among us 47-2 =45 

    3$ stolen by the other person 45+3=48 

    which means we had paid 24 $ each.

    Are you good in maths then answer this

    x+2x-3x / 5a= 24


    x+2x-3x: X=0

    5a=24: A=4.8

    EASY!! :)


    This time difficult one wait.
    If there are 10 men complete a job by working 7.99 hours
    daily and finish this job in 13.39 days . if now 4 more people are added to them and they work 6.28 hours daily then this work will be completed in how many days.

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