Whats with Marines told to lay down their arms in afganastan while some vip is there for a visit? Thats a slap in the face for all Marines past and present

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    That was Joe Pannetta, our Secretary of Defense who went to Afghanistan and our heros were told to to lay down theire arms after the one soldier killed 16 people in a village, mostly women and children.This man did 3 tours in Iraq and did not want to go to Afghanistan. It seems Post tramatic Stress syndrome is to blame. I know a man who was in Vietnam and he shot his commanding officer, because he sent his troup into an ambush which killed 48 people. Nothing happend to him. He still has PTS to this day and it has ruined his entire life.We have no business beeing in Afghanistan. We will never win there.

    I haven't heard this.. Yes its a slap, I suppose Al-Queda also laid down their arms as well.. (not)

    Oh and by the way Mr. Karzi   U can Kiss our A**

    We have no business there now, The only reason we are there is because the Giant Military Industrial Complex  has not completed draining the economy dry. Our Armed Forces are the best in the world and each and every one is a Hero to me. but when  our leaders  tell them to  lay down their arms when they visit on business then that tells me  our leaders  are in the wrong and they know it.  So  I want our troops out and home.


    TWO seperate answers, stop pinching my bad habits lol.

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