What does it mean when a guy cant stop smiling at you when hes talking to you or looking at you ?

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    I just looked at your other questions, you really like men! Why can't you tell what they want or what they mean? How old are you?

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    If you're married don't smile back. I think he's flirting with you or he thinks you look strange.

    Sounds like you have an admirer, this might be the start of something good.

    I think he likes you.Probably a little embarrassed as well. Smile back.See what gives.

    I'm pretty sure it means he is really enjoying himself and his company.....would that be you!!!??If so then start smiling back!!

    His jaw is broken and wired incorrectly.


    I know a guy that was in a car accident many years ago, his jaw is wired like that.. He's had opportunity to fix it but he says, why?? People always smile back at him, something he never had before the accident.

    Always nice to be around happy people who smile a lot.  Has he told you he can't help smiling when he is around you?  Or is this how you choose to interpret it?


    yeah hes told me that before (:

    @Deisy I think he likes you.

    It means he wants to get to know you better. 

    it sound like he's enjoying the view and wants to see more of it..

    It's a good start.  Make sure he's not at the stage of drooling though.

    maybe your skirt is tucked in to your knickers!

    This sounds more like bragging than a question.

    He finds you amusing. The second is that it is an Asian habit, and not to be taken seriously  if he is Asian, because they smile all the time here, even amidst despair. Obvious he likes you. Some people smile because they are embarrassed and do not know what to say. Ask him.

    He thinks you're funny looking..

    It means that he likes you alot and that he's nervous around you. He's nervous because he likes you . Try to put him at ease by asking him questions about his sports or food, or music.

    HAVE you checked your make up??

    Someone might have drawn a moustache on you while you were napping!

    You only have questions and never answer. To help better with your questions most of them regarding same subject, could you tell us a litle bit about you and most important your age and marital status?


    It's all about her ! Do you see that!? Oh gee oh happy day another admirer! Whoopee Do!

    The first time I saw you I burst out laughing, maybe he is being strong.

    His short are too tight?


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