im 5 weeks pregnant and im starving all the time what can i eat to make the hunger ebb longer than 2 hours

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    Many women experience cravings for foods and hunger pangs during pregnancy.Personally I was famished during this same period of @5-9 weeks and discovered that apples,pears and crackers,alot of unsalted crackers,did the trick to stave off hungering between meals.So I found this great link for you to read more and get some great suggestions from.Just click here:

    Fresh vegetables, fruit along with protein, peanut butter, nuts, meats.  These have staying power, along with higher fiber breads and grains, like lentils, barley (maybe add to soups), whole wheat breads.  AVOID sugar, all soft drinks and processed foods like crackers, potato chips, pretzels, white bread.  These will mess with your blood sugar and ramp up your appetite big-time. Hope it's a happy and uneventful pregnancy!  :-)

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