Why are alcoholism, drug addiction, and having babies out of wedlock forgivable; but having a meltdown due to a brain chemical imbalance (mental illness) is not?

    I'm told not to be judgmental (though I've been judged since I can remember). Why, then, can other people get by with judging me, and doing their best to see to it that I cannot start over in a new job and in a new location?

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    Maybe they are looking out for your best interests, do you feel strong enough mentally and physically to be starting a new job and new location? Big changes like this can throw people .Ease yourself back into the work force, maybe part time for now.As for re-locating, grab all the support you can, can be quite daunting adjusting to a new area/environment.

    Their all forgivable depending on who's judging..

    Unforgivable?  I have a chemical imbalance and discovering this explained a lot to a lot of people.......

    I don't know why you wouldn't think it wasn't forgiveable!!!! There's nothing to forgive that isn't or wasn't your fault. They (whoever they are) are probably being protective of you. Be careful not to push away those who are trying to look out for you. But, if you are feeling overwhelmed with their concern, then you need to sit them down and tell them you need control of your life back. Some people are just very controling...and if you give them an inch, they're charging through your front door and taking over.

    Just remember to be kind to those who helped you when you needed it, but be firm and tell them you want control of your life back! Insist on it!


    Good Advice.

    Where did u hear it was unforgivable?

    Excellent question. We are no longer responsible for bad behavior which we chose to partake in. Once were f***ed up we blame the addiction on the poison rather than the behavior. Having children out of wedlock is particularly disgusting when there are a multitude of birth control methods out there. Now you not only screwed up your young life, but the life of an innocent newborn.

    You are comparing apples to oranges but I feel your pain.

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