what do you tell me about Sabbath in the new Testament?

    What is the significance of keeping Sabbath as born again christian?

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    Read the bible and find out.

    What do you want to know about the Sabbath? If you are referring to the day, it starts friday night and ends saturday night. There is no evidence in the N.T. that God changed the day. Interestingly in the O.T. God says "Remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy" he knew people would neglect to read their Bible's. Some people say that this was nailed to the cross but that is really only talking about O.T. customs lke animal sacrifices. God didn't write his commandments in stone to have man re-write them. It was prophecised that the Antichrist system would think to change TIMES and laws so I would start by looking into that. In the Genesis creation account God blesses and sanctifies the Sabbath, he never unblessed it or blessed another day in the N.T.


    Hope that helped, God bless.

    Only your beleiver can do that!

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